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App Store Optimization is like Search Engine Optimization, which primarily focuses on increasing the app's downloads and increases the number of loyal users. To gain good results with ASO it is essential to invest an adequate amount of time and effort.

With our ASO services, you will get:

  • Improved Visibility
  • Organic Downloads
  • User Acquisition Cost
  • More Profit

Looking for App Store Optimization Services in India? Choose us:

Keyword Research

We will do complete keyword research and add it to the title string that will attract more users.

Video Production

As video production is essential, we will create a short video that best explains your app's key features.


We localize your keywords to ensure your app gets a broader reach across the globe.

Paid Marketing

We are digital marketers too. We are experienced in running paid ads for your app. We offer AdWords (Android), Search Ads (iOS), Social (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and SEO.

Custom Reporting

We will keep you updated with the latest analytics reports to measure your app performance, including Google Analytics, App installations, Keyword ranking, and weekly ASO report.

Featured Images

Our team will design screenshots and featured images required for app store listing.

App Search Optimization FAQ's

Q1. What is App Store Optimization?

ASO or App Store Optimization is like SEO, but it focuses on ranking mobile apps on the app stores. For visibility optimization-work, the number of store impressions and product page views are important metrics of success.

App Store Optimization starts by creating your app listing (title, description, etc.) in either the App Store and continues by squeezing each of your app listing's elements to enhance visibility and capacity to convert visitors into users.

Q2. If an app has zero downloads, what can be done to get keyword rankings?

To increase downloads of an app, you need to do ASO. But experts say that if you have zero downloads, it may take years to rank organically. Conversion is one of the most powerful ranking factors in both Google Play and the App Store. If your app has no downloads, the app store's algorithms won't give it the weight to rank on a particular keyword.

Q3. How important is keyword density?

Gone are the days when you put as many keywords as possible in the app description to increase its ranking. As of now, to improve the possibilities of your app being promoted to Google Play users, you need to write the description using Google Natural Language. Of course, you should include the keywords, but keep keyword density between 2% and 3%. Going over 3% is keyword stuffing, and you will be punished for it.

Q4. What's the character limit for keywords?

Only the Apple App Store gives you the capability to index keywords in a centralized place. The character limit for keywords is 100 characters. Pro tip: Don't use spaces when you write in your keywords. Using a comma will act as space, and it will save you a character.

Q5. What ASO tool should I use?

The answer to the question depends on what KPIs and metrics you want to track. It also depends on the size of your operation and your budget. We personally prefer Mobile Action and Sensor Tower. Both of them are great tools, and both have a "freemium" model where you can start with a trial and upgrade when the trial is up.

At Digi Markets, we have expert to manage your app and help it rank with certain keywords on App Store and Play Store. Contact us today. Let us here your requirements and help your app is optimized according to search engine standards.

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