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How We Generated Over $5000 by Spending Only $500 on Google Ads: PPC Case Study of Quicklyn

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About The Client

Quicklyn is a leading home & commercial cleaning services provider dedicated to provide affordable and satisfactory cleaning services across New York City.


  • The main challenge for Quicklyn was to reduce the PPC spend-to-sale ratio and boost quality leads.
  • We had to create a disciplined process and launch a structured campaign with the objective to get maximum bookings for the client through paid ads marketing.


  • We took multiple steps simultaneously to increase quality leads:
  • The campaign was restricted to NYC (New York City) as Quicklyn offers its services only in NYC, NY, USA. We used keywords to target the customers specifically from NYC.
  • Closely tracked relevant keywords to boost clicks on the ads.
  • Improved target landing page to match ads with the destination.


We started the campaign for Quicklyn on May 26, 2021, and in less than 2 months, we improved leads and also reduced the PPC spend-to-sale ratio. We exceeded the client’s expectations.

Performance Reports

Here are some keywords that we used to optimize the first PPC campaign for Quicklyn. The section that says “Negative Keywords” was used to make sure that we do not get clicks on keywords that wouldn’t convert to a sale. See the list below.

Adding of negative keywords is a regular job. You cannot miss this unless you have all the money in the world to waste on ads.

Here you can clearly see the total money spent on each keyword and how many people clicked on the ads. We move the unwanted keywords to the Negative Keywords section from here. This helped us in narrowing down our campaign to only show to potential customers.

This is the overall performance since we started the campaign for Quicklyn. The company has got a total of 249 clicks, 3 calls, and 8.6K of impressions in 1 month. Each converted lead paid $160 for a single booking.

  • Amount Spent: 509.65
  • Clicks and Calls: 252
  • Immediate Conversions: 20
  • Registered for service next month: 32
  • Total Income this month: $3200
  • Potential Income next month: $5120

It is all about good keywords planning, regular monitoring and timely running and pausing of the ads. In the image below you can see we have used the Google Keyword planner tool for research other than SEMrush keyword research tool.

The other important thing to remember in a campaign is to make changes and upgrade it as and when needed. In the image below we saw good results after running the ads in the first 2 weeks.

By spending only $299 the client got over 8 calls with 5 certain conversions. It looked so we didn’t make much changes to the campaign. As we let it run more leads began to convert, so we didn’t have to create a new campaign. We are still running the same campaign with minor keywords updates regularly.

This was how the ad was created, you can see the preview on the right:

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