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A digital media platform with tons of news and updates on lifestyle, fashion, health, travel and Hollywood, Wat-Not covers all the exciting events and brings trending information to thousands of people in the US and UK.

Client’s Requirement

Client's requirement was to increase traffic on the website through Facebook Paid Ad Marketing.

What We Did

We created a dedicated campaign for Facebook Paid Ad Marketing.

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To begin with, we selected the location, gender, and age group of the target audience. We selected the United States as the location and targeted the age group of 18-50 who are likely to have interest in the type of content the client has.

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The next step we did was to select the placement of the ad. We selected the 'Automatic Placements' option as it helps in playing with multiple placements where the ad is likely to perform best and we choose the 'All languages' option.

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After creating the ad setup, we placed the primary text and headline and previewed how the ad will look after getting published. The preview mode helps determine how the ad would show up on Facebook stories and Facebook feeds. After double-checking everything, we published the ad.

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Through Facebook Paid Ad Marketing, the ad reached 34,719 people and was clicked by over 700 people in only 3 days. With an investment of INR 477.85, the client was able to reach more than 25,000 people.

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