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Neon Life is a Singapore based firm founded in June 2018. Neon Life specializes in creating neon signs for businesses and restaurants, weddings, home décor, bars, etc. The main aim of Neon Life is to spread the “Joy of Neon Lights.”

What Client Wants

Our client was looking for quick improvement in its SERP results positioning on

Our Challenge

  • To increase website traffic from Singapore
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To rank local keywords

What We Did

As we have a team of experienced professionals, our experts did extensive keyword research to find high-volume and low competition keywords. We then established an effective content strategy to get the traffic on their website by posting relevant and informational content related to their business.

Our team also worked to improve the website performance, and here are the results for four months:

Initial Ranking Report - September (Ranking after 1 month of SEO)

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Performance as per Google Search Console

seo google case study

Ranking Report - October (Ranking after 2 months of SEO)

online seo case- study links

Performance as per Google Search Console - October

view case study for seo

Ranking Report - December (Ranking after 3 month of SEO)

case study

*Work was paused by the client during the month of November

Website Performance Report For December

download seo case study

Ranking Report - January (Ranking after 4 month of SEO)

seo case study pdf

Website Performance Report For January

download seo case study

Our Results

SEO Report

In a matter of only four months we were able to show a huge difference in website traffic and keywords ranking for Neon Life.

Here’s how our continuous SEO practices and effective strategies have helped Neon Life to get top 10 rankings in Google SERPs:

Even during the period of Covid when the demand for neon lights was 0, we were able to maintain a consistent level of traffic to the website.

SEO Case Study

We always keep our strategies as simple as possible. Our experts practice the best SEO strategies such as article submission, image submission, infographics submissions, and others to get backlinks from high DA and PA websites. We always practice white-hat SEO, and our experts keep themselves aware of the latest Google guidelines to ensure your website is never penalized by Google.

Talk to our SEO managers. Let us help you understand how your website can do better than it is doing today. Get in touch with us for a Free Website Audit Report of your website. Fill up the form on the right.



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