11 Effective Strategies for Social Media Marketing Success in 2023

11 Effective Strategies for Social Media Marketing Success in 2023

The year 2023 is on the mid way. Most of you (business owners) would be applying social media marketing strategies to succeed. Maybe, some of you might not have a solid strategy for social media marketing for your business. If it is with you, this post is very helpful for you. 

Whether a business is small or big, social media marketing is a vital component. As per a post on Forbes, approximately 4.9 billion of the world population is on social media. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to have a strong presence on relevant social media platforms. With it, they can easily connect with their existing as well as prospective customers. Marketing your business on social media can help you target your prospective customers, enhance your business brand, set up a loyal customer base, and increase your revenue. In this post, you will know everything around social media marketing such as what social media marketing is, its importance, and strategies to succeed in social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing for Business - What It Is

It is a type of digital marketing in which marketers use all respective social media platforms for the promotion of a business with its respective products or services. It aims at having a strong social presence, reaching prospective customers, establishing relationships with existing & probable customers, and creating a loyal customer base through relevant and regular posts. These posts could be images, videos, audios, and infographics in accordance with the products/services. 

Why to Social Media Marketing / Importance of Social Media Marketing in 2023 

The versatility and popularity of social media has made it a powerful tool for marketing a business. Like SEO and Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing is highly measurable. Having a look at following noteworthy benefits will make you comprehend why you should use it for your business growth in 2023:

  • Being interactive in nature, it adds a human element to your business

  • It facilitates your SEO efforts to drive traffic to your business website 

  • Marketing your business on social media means you are on the path of increasing your brand awareness 

  • It helps you build relationships with your current and probable customers

  • Having CTA buttons like Call Now and Contact Us on your social media posts helps you generate leads

Popular Social Media Platforms to Market Your Business  

At present, there are various social media platforms. In your study, you will find some social media platforms are better in comparison with others. Here is a list of some highly popular social media platforms with a brief overview:

  • Facebook - As the most popular and favorite social media platform, Facebook is a great fit for all types of businesses. Through regular and relevant posts, you can increase your brand awareness, increase sales, get followers, and generate leads. You can use it for Display Ads through paid Facebook advertising. 

  • Twitter - It is the best place for short posts, highly known as tweets. The tweets carry text with animated GIFs, videos, images, and links. Through short but valuable messages, Twitter helps you connect with your probable customers and build a brand for your business. In general, a tweet has around 140 characters.


  • Pinterest - Well-known as a visual discovery engine, Pinterest inspires its users that help them with several different ideas on home renovation, wedding plans, vacation, career options, and allied others. It is the best place to market your business if your product or service images can help users to do what they need.  


  • Instagram - In the early days, Instagram was the only place to share images. With time and rise in its popularity, it has become one of the most favorite places to engage with customers via eye-catching videos and images. Its features like livestream, reels, stories, and shop can help you take your business to the next level if you rely on visuals to sell your products or services. 


  • YouTube - As a streaming social media platform, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. If you wish to make and publish meaningful videos to educate your target audience, YouTube must be in your social media marketing strategies. Through relevant videos, you can explain why your products/services are better, how customers can use your products/services, and allied things.    

  • TikTok - When it comes to making and sharing short-form videos, TikTok is the most ideal and popular social media platform. Usually, TikTok videos are popular among young females. You can use it for your business promotion if you have decided to target such an audience. 

  • LinkedIn - As a professional networking platform, LinkedIn is ideal for B2B promotion. By sharing your industry expertise, you can connect with other businesses, use it for the hiring process, and generate leads through paid advertising.     


Strategies for Social Media Marketing Success in 2023

As you search on the internet or talk to a few marketers, you can come across several social media marketing strategies that could help you succeed and make your business grow. The availability of so many strategies can make you overwhelmed and you can find yourself confused. So, we have listed some proven strategies that will be highly fruitful to you:

  1. Aim for authenticity - In the contemporary world, customers want authenticity, polished, and styled content pieces. In the last year, people loved the content that bears all - good, bad, and messy. In 2022, there was an emergence of BeReal. It means your content should be unfiltered, genuine, and relevant for your audiences, especially of the younger generation.  

  2. Pay attention to personalized content - Content is the backbone of all digital marketing efforts. And social media platforms highly need it in its all forms such as texts, audios, images, videos, and infographics. However, it doesn’t mean you can use any content piece for promoting your business. You need to be specific and your created content must address the pain points, interests, and demographics of your customers.  The content must be relevant, error-free, informative, and interactive for your customers. 

  3. Know your real customers - Social media platforms are not only to reach customers. It really means to reach the right audience. You must have an idea about your real/right customers. And you can do it by exploring your existing followers and how they engage with your posts. In finding the right customers, you need to focus on location, age, language, and interests. 

  4. Centralize your customers in your social media campaigns - You should never produce yourself as a hero of your business brand. Instead, your content created around your customers must be able to have emotional connections. It is possible with informative content that could address your customers’ interests, pain points, and demographics. 

  5. Value the time in your social media posts - Publishing social media posts is not enough as it might not bring positive results. In spite, you should publish your social media posts at the right time on the right days. On Mondays, the right time is 10 am to noon while it is 9 am to 2 pm on Tuesdays. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, you can publish your social media posts 9 am to 1 pm and 9 am to noon and 2 pm respectively. However, you should publish your social media posts between 9 am and 11 am on Fridays. It’s your social media marketer who will help you know the ideal time for social media posts as per your business nature.  

  6. Keep consistency in your posts - Consistency is crucial for you. According to a study done on interviewing 300 marketers, 81% of digital marketers said that regular posts can impact positively on achieving business goals. You need to be specific and your social media marketers can help you decide how many times a day you should publish posts. 

  7. Enhance your customer care service level - In today’s competitive world, many established business brands are successful due to their strong customer care service. You need to be ready to handle customers coming through different sources. To manage your customers, you can apply social customer service tools.     

  8. Value the power of video marketing - The popularity of video content on social media platforms and allied others has increased a lot. Users can get easily attracted to engaging and visually compelling short to medium form videos. As a business owner or marketer, you should use video content in promoting your products or services. In the creation of video content, you need to be very careful in the titles, descriptions, and captions. These must be aligned with relevant keywords. 

  9. Approach to influencers on social media - In the current world, celebrities from each sector like sports and movies are on social media platforms. Their fans follow them for maximum things in their life. You should get in touch with one of such influencers and request him/her to promote your business brand on respective social media platforms. 

  10. Use the latest technologies and tools - Generally, it is hard for humans to keep working around the clock. In today’s digital landscape, your prospective customers can contact you at any time on any day. Not responding to them means you are going to lose them. The utilization of AI chatbots as your representatives on social media sites can help you stop them going to your competitors. 

  11. Track and adjust regularly - You usually have no fair idea what social media strategies work for you and what do not. Through regular monitoring and progress tracking, you can easily know the performance of your social media marketing. And after getting an idea in this regard, you should make adjustments in your strategies to bring more positive results the next time.      


As a part of digital marketing, social media marketing is today’s need for many businesses whether they are start-ups, small, medium, big, or established ones. You can succeed when you have a clear idea about what to do, how to do, and when to use social media platforms in marketing your business. By following the above-mentioned strategies on the right platforms, you can achieve social media marketing success for your business growth. You can contact us at Digi Markets if you think you need professional support to socialize your business brand.