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Case Study: How Select CITYWALK Recognised Women Creators for their Spring-Summer Campaign

In this case study, you’ll read how the Select CITYWALK #RiseUp campaign in its spring-summer project powered four creators who unveiled their stories as different personalities and the role of clothing in their identity. Surprisingly, the campaign reached an audience of 1,23,30,748, and it created 19.57% engagement. We, as a SEO Marketing Company India focus on creating a campaign that can change the face of your brand.

Category Introduction

In India, the shopping centre category has grown manifolds in the past few years. Despite, the pandemic effect leading to slowdowns in consumer spending, global instability, and low manufacturing output, India still bags the position of the fastest growing economy in the world.

Furthermore, Kearnery Research reveals that the Indian retail market is likely to reach $1.5 trillion by 2030 from $0.8 trillion in 2020. This rise would result because of the strong consumption power of over a billion Indian consumers.

Post pandemic, a lot of retail brands have moved past their pre-covid numbers, and that has made the retail industry feel more confident. As a result, many organized retail shopping centers/brands are planning to launch new stores in the time to come. We are the best SEO digital marketing agency Noida that focuses on helping such business grow.

According to a report published by CBRE, India’s retail leasing is likely to cross the pre-covid levels this year, which implies that India is expected to experience a 25% jump in the number of new stores to be opened this year.

Brand Introduction

Select CITYWALK has introduced a new means to fashion, as it has created a revolution in the retail industry and has always brought something unique for the shoppers over the last 14 years. Young girls believe that the shopping centre has changed the way people used to perceive shopping scenes in Delhi NCR, as Select CITYWALK has introduced a new lifestyle by setting untouched shopping milestones for its customers. Surprisingly, a lot of international brands have made their debut in the Indian market through Select CITYWALK.

As a youth brand, Select CITYWALK believes in spreading social awareness among young minds. Thus, in every new season, Select CITYWALK plans and executes a fresh campaign that imbibes an underlying social message. This seasonal campaign is planned, styled and executed by the in-house marketing team, which makes sure everything goes in line. The team features inspirational people who make a difference through their appearance, while relating to the customers.


The Select CITYWALK Spring-Summer’22 #RiseUp campaign planned by one of the best marketing team featured the following inspirational entities,

Karina Aggarwal, a professional who has broken into what was conventionally a male bastion.

Suhasini Mulay, a TV actress who surpassed all stereotypes that revolves around ageism personally and professionally.

Ankita Jain, the founder of GoPaisa, who followed her passion and busted all myths revolving around women and their financial acumen.

Sakshi Sindhwani, a plus-sized girl who found beauty in her curves and became a fashion symbol for embodying body positivity.

The campaign glorifies stories of all these four women, so that the world could relate with them. We, as a Social Media Marketing Agency in Noida also believe in supporting such powerful stories of women who are unstoppable.

During the campaign, each woman was photographed in outfits that were selected from the shopping centers of brands that include Zara, Forever New, United Colors of Benetton, Mango, Steve Madden, also styled by Artyfied Creations and Outhouse Jewelry. Each of the four women retained their unique style while flaunting a distinct look created by the brand.


The Spring-Summer’22 campaign was conceived, designed and executed by Select CITYWALK’s internal team. The aim of the current campaign was to recognize and celebrate women who have beaten the societal odds, in their personal and professional lives.  The campaign not just celebrated the success of real-life heroes but it also celebrated their journey.


As usual, the biggest challenge for a social media campaign is to get established across the clutter on different platforms. The biggest challenge for Select CITYWALK campaign was to create a strong message that could find its place among the crowd online. Furthermore, through this campaign, the company wanted to leave a social and cultural impact on people.

Besides, the other challenge around the campaign was to identify bold and vibrant personalities who could justify the motive of the campaign. The new Select CITYWALK campaign was a fresh take on fashion, and therefore it featured real people with impactful lives that could motivate more and more people around.

Campaign Execution

Executing the campaign was a challenge, but it went on smooth with the plan.

· The campaign was rolled out across the different social media handles of the brand. Furthermore, it was also showcased on the OOH platforms with billboard and print advertising.

· The brand created a Grid on IG with bright and motivating colors.

· To make it excessively engaging, the brand also posted its behind-the-scene videos and pictures of the campaign on Twitter and Facebook. This lead to more motivating among people.

· On Facebook, the brand posted a still picture of every featured woman with the video. This still mentioned the brand they were wearing, and it lead to collaborative traction.

· Even after the campaign is over, the branding is still live across various malls and shopping centers.

Campaign Results

As a result of the campaign, Select CITYWALK noticed the changes mentioned below;

· The brand experienced an increase in the customer interaction. This was evidently seen as the result of social impact programmes.

· The campaign acquired an overall media engagement of INR 37 lakhs for earned media.

· The campaign got lucky enough to witness more engagement on social media handles, with over 10.46% engagement.

· The YouTube videos related to the campaign got 13,200 views, and all of this organically.

Considering this year’s theme, Select CITYWALK was delighted to work with women who inspire the world with every decision they take. The motive of featuring such heroes is to motive women out there to chase their dreams while ignoring the critiques. This campaign by Select CITYWALK focused on the story-telling format, and that is what looked the most relatable to customers and visitors. Such impressive campaigns can only be designed with the help of the best SEO marketing company India