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How brand marketing helps improve E-A-T signals: An introduction

A well-planned brand marketing will positively demonstrate expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Planning the marketing strategies to positively influence the search engine's criterion is challenging. The biggest challenge is to design a brand marketing strategy that can positively influence the E-A-T signals. For those new to the marketing field, the E-A-T signal is a parameter that Google uses to evaluate the overall quality of a web page. As a result, the E-A-T signals influence a website's rank in Google search results. 

Let's now discuss the core principles of brand marketing that will positively demonstrate expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.  

Why does Google care about brands?

Google cares about brands because consumers care about brands. E-A-T is a new concept, which was introduced in August 2018. Some people also call it 'the brand update.' This update worked in favour of brands, and Google re-framed it as trust change.  

This new update changed the ranking order of the brands. Now, the brands that offered more trust to the consumers were ranked higher as compared to their counterparts. Surprisingly, researchers found out that 7 out of 10 consumers preferred to buy from brands they trust. Furthermore, according to Abode's 2021 Future of Marketing Research study, consumers ditch the brands that broke their trust. The most crucial element of this research was that around 63% of loyal consumers recommend the brand they trust to other potential buyers. 

Therefore, trust is one of the most vital elements to retaining existing customers and attracting more potential customers to the brand. So, brands should focus on living up to the expectations of their customers and assuring their trust. 

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Brand accomplishments that communicate trust to consumers

Large companies or big brands have long terms goals, usually called the company's vision. Big brands have instantly recognizable features, which if followed, help expand the reach of the companies. Therefore, brands should behave in a certain way, following values that help them establish positivity and generate trust in the minds of their customers. 

Experts believe that when consumers observe a brand's clear and consistent value, they start purchasing beyond their needs, as the brand becomes a part of their identity. This customer's behavior is called the social identity theory. 

How is brand marketing related to growing E-A-T?

Brand marketing is about creating a brand image that feels more relatable, honest, and full of food values. Expert marketers from the best web development India companies work on marketing the business's tangible assets. These tangible assets can be people, values, slogans, vision, etc., that can be called the potential entities of the company. 

Let's understand brand marketing step by step, considering yourself a start-up company.

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Evaluate all marketable assets

To begin with brand marketing, professionals must create or evaluate all marketable assets. These sellable assets might include the key people, visions, and values of the company. So, if you are a start-up, this is the best time to define all the assets of the company and use them as energy to attract the attention of the targeted customers. Besides, if you are not a beginner but have yet to work on evaluating your marketing assets, there is always time. Begin today and give a new dimension to your brand marketing strategies.

Assets become entities

An asset that might look ordinary to you, if marketed properly, becomes an entity. For instance, you are a company with a vision of creating a clean and green environment, and you contribute your bit to conserving mother earth. This is the unique value of your company. Now, when you use this value of your brand and market it consistently, it becomes an entity in itself. 

Technically, when the assets of your companies become entities, Google understands it better when a search user refers to your asset, and this directs more potential customers to your website. 

Mark up the entities

If you mark up these entities, it can accelerate the time to trigger entity recognition. According to experts, adding semantic markup conveys a more prominent depth of understanding. The best part is, marking up the entities is very simple to implement, as you can just add it via Google Tap manager.

How do these steps contribute to enhanced E-A-T?

The brand's people, vision, values, and other entities are indicators of the level of maturity and responsibility a brand owns towards other human beings in our society. This level of maturity and responsibility decides the relationship a brand develops with its clients. The behavior of a brand is constantly judged, and the consumers stay loyal to a trustworthy, honest, and authoritative brand. 

Therefore, brands that manage to stay focused and honest towards society, the environment, and their client's expectations, acquire a better position in the market. These brands are also vocally endorsed by existing customers, which augments the company's value and the number of potential customers visiting the brand's website. 

Statistically, a better click-through rate (CTR) means better search engagement. As a result, the brand develops a greater potential for paid ad clicks, automatically enhancing the experience of advertisers and search users.

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The professionals here believe that authenticity is the key. As trust is the most crucial factor of brand marketing, similarly, maintaining authenticity in marketing techniques is vital to make the brand look genuine before its targeted customers. Therefore, as a brand, your vision should be authentic. Furthermore, the vision or values of the brand should be relatable, which reflects goodness.

Most importantly, never fake it before your customers because in the world of the internet, every customer is smart, and there's no alternative to genuineness.