Digital Marketing is not about chasing ‘numbers’

Successful Digital Marketing Is Beyond Chasing Followers!

Digital marketing has changed the way people conceived branding and advertisement. The new ways to introduce a business before its targeted customers has brought a lot of recognition for companies. Through digital marketing people have got the widest platform to showcase their products and services, and this is how the visibility and profits have multiplied manifolds.

Different people perceive digital marketing in different ways, and the biggest mistake that marketers make is having unhealthy obsessions with cracking the search engines. Honestly, internet has provided the widest means of marketing and promotion, but the companies need to be thoughtful about what they are offering to their clients or customers. The best a business can do to get the highest rankings on search engines is to write or present for the people, not search engines.

According to experts, while promoting the business digitally, a company should always focus on creating content that matches the intelligence level of the targeted customers. Keyword analysis and metadata optimization is important, but the information you mention on your website should not confuse the reader.

Google itself keeps reminding businesses that success in rankings is more about how users behave to the content, besides anything else.

How Social Media Marketing Is Unveiling The Best Marketing Tactics?

Every day as you wake up, the first thing you probably do is pick your phone and hop on to your social media accounts. The social media platforms are filled with different brands and labels selling different products and services, and the ones that wins our heart is probably the one that we easily relate to.

So, despite of engaging in fancy stuff, you should create content to which your customers could relate. Relatable stuff is much more in demand. For instance, try making your targeted customer aware about the use of a certain product or service that you sell. Don’t push them to purchase it, but inform them about how useful that thing is.

Here’s How To Do It!


We get answer for almost every query we put on Google or other search engines. So, as a company you need to analyze whether you are answering your customer’s questions or just forcing them to buy your product or service.

For instance, when an individual puts a simple question on Google, say, ‘Should I invest in mutual funds?’ the search results would bring n number of companies offering mutual funds. But, a very few websites would have answer to this question. So, you should think about the closest questions your targeted customers or clients could ask about the product or service you are selling, and then, put answers about these questions on your website. The best web development India companies can guide you through the importance of taking up queries of the targeted customers, and adding value to the website with answers to these queries.

Content is the king. So, educate your potential customers through reliable content that motivates them to buy products and services sold by your company.

Social Media Marketing

Although people spend more time than normal on social media, but every time they dig into the various social media platforms they seek more of entertainment and knowledge. So, as a business, if you are trying to promote yourself on social media accounts, make sure that you begin with a nice conversation with your targeted customer.

Companies like Zomato, Swiggy, etc., do not push their customers to buy food. Instead, they leave a message like, ‘it’s raining, and it would be great to give your taste buds a quick treat’. Or, on a Monday you might get a pop-up saying, ‘fighting the Monday blues, do not exhaust yourself in the kitchen, order the best food online’. Such pop-ups look relatable, making people order food at times when they might have not thought of doing so.

Thereby, think about the queries or needs that you should generate in order to motivate your potential customers. Never begin with introducing your product or forcing your reader to buy it. Make your product or service look useful to the customer, and then leave it up on them.


People watch YouTube videos for two reasons mainly; one, when the video is incredibly entertaining to miss, and second, when the video is informative. So, when you plan to advertise your business on YouTube, make sure to do it in a way that keeps the audience glued.

Again, good marketing is all about understanding the audience and creating content that matches to their level of understanding. Working on YouTube content, you should primarily understand the ways to interact with your potential customer. If you feel humour would touch the customers better, opt for it.

Mobile App Optimization

With more than 3 billion smart phone users in the world, Mobile App Optimization has become mandatory. There’s an app available for every business that is choosing digital marketing methods to advertise. And since, most of us use mobile applications for our everyday tasks, it is important for businesses to concentrate and invest in an intelligently designed Mobile App Optimization package.

If you choose the best App Search Optimization company in India, they would provide a smooth and seamless user experience, so that your customers could reach out to you effortlessly.

So, What Should a Company Do While Using Digital Marketing Methods?

A business should begin with taking their customers/user/viewers point of view in consideration. It is important to understand what your targeted customer or client wants, and how could you make your content related to their day to day needs and preferences. Hence, it is said that you should aim at adding value to your content, rather than pushing the visitor to buy your product or service. Adding value means entertaining or educating the visitor about the product or service your company advertises. Make your content light, and let your customer relate to it. Instead of pushing sales, try to create a need.