How An App Store Optimization Agency Can Improve Your App Ranking

How An App Store Optimization Agency Can Improve Your App Ranking

When a user visits Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or allied one, he/she comes across numerous mobile applications or mobile apps. The user downloads and installs a respective app that comes before them. As a business owner, you need to make your business mobile app appear before them as they make a search for the same. Making your app visible for them is not easy, as numerous apps get listed on play stores every day. 

As per Statista, there are more than 6 million mobile applications available on significant mobile app stores. The number of mobile apps is increasing every day. So, to make your mobile application visible for your prospective users, you need to optimize it. And here, you need to join your hands with a reputed app store optimization agency. Before knowing how such a company can help you improve your app ranking, you should be aware of some basic aspects like what app store optimization is and why you need to optimize your business mobile app. 

What Is App Store Optimization?

Like SEO, app store optimization or ASO is a method marketers use to optimize a mobile application to increase its visibility and ranking in search results on an app store like Google Play Store. Higher ranking of a mobile app means it is more visible to its probable users or customers. And an increased visibility lets your company mobile app have more traffic in your app page on an app store that can lead your app to get downloaded or installed.  

The primary goal of app store optimization is to make your app page on a respective app store have more traffic and entice your potential users to download your business mobile app on their smartphones. Its process requires business owners or marketers to have a clear idea about the customer base. Knowing the keywords customers use for similar apps and optimizing the best ones of them help in ASO.  

Why Do You Need App Store Optimization (ASO)?

ASO is highly beneficial for business owners who want to reach mobile users in a particular geographic region or across the globe. Having a look at the following points/benefits can make you comprehend why you need app store optimization:

  • Enhanced visibility in search results of an app store such as Google Play 

  • An increase in organic downloads 

  • Improved user experience 

  • Cost effective way for promoting mobile apps 

  • Help stand part from counterparts 

  • Increased revenue   

How Can An App Store Optimization Agency Help You Improve Your App Ranking?  

A professional and experienced app store optimization agency is your true business friend to make your company mobile app be visible and get higher ranks in search results on a particular app store. Here is how such an entity can help you improving the visibility and ranking of your business mobile application or mobile app:

  • Make your app title creative and comprehensive - Your business mobile app visibility and ranking depends on several factors such as app name/title, keywords, descriptions, subtitles, number of downloads, and ratings & reviews. As you see here, the name or title of your mobile app is crucial. The business entity you have hired for optimizing your business mobile application will help you make your app name/title creative and respective. It will be very friendly to respective customer searches. You can take Babbel - Learn 14 Languages for instance. Only the term babbel or learn languages are not enough to have optimal visibility and ranking. Your ASO partner will help you here.      

  • Keep your app description keyword rich - Your ASO partner knows the importance of keywords in your app descriptions. Its dedicated professionals help you get the descriptions that will clearly define the usability of your mobile application. For this, they will help you have more creative and compelling descriptions in comparison with the simple ones like read more. Creative and keyword descriptions will help your app be more findable and visible in app store search results.      

  • Fill in keywords - Employees working with an app store optimization agency treat themselves as probable users of your business mobile app. They have an idea about what searches a user can make to find your mobile application on a respective store. So, they do an in-depth study of probable keywords and make a list of ideal keywords that include long tail keywords along with short ones. 

  • Help you get good ranking and stars - The reviews and ratings you get from your customers impact a lot on the visibility and ranking of your mobile app. People working with your ASO partner know it well, and hence, they work on the things that can help you get more stars with more positive reviews. These people help you get a fresh review as a new user downloads your mobile application.       

  • Build an appealing icon for your mobile app - Like your business logo, the icon of your mobile app is very important for you. It is usually a mirror of your business mobile application. Hence, app developers and marketing professionals of your ASO partner help you have an appealing feel in your app through its icon. An appealing icon can help your probable users get attracted to it and encourage them to download the same.  

  • Add screenshots and video - As per a study of Incipia, respective screenshots and videos influence the rank of your mobile app in search results. They help you have 2.4 times more ranking for your apps. Your ASO partner helps you get the best screenshots and videos while marketing your business mobile app. In this, they include a more relevant keyword with user images in the screenshot to make it more search friendly.    

  • Select the right category - In general, you, as a user, browse categories to find a respective app on a store. For example, you go to the Entertainment or Music section of an app store if you want to download and install a music app. Your app store optimization agency helps you place your mobile app in the right category so that your probable users have no issue while finding it.      

  • Make your app language friendly to your potential users - If you are operating your business in a region where people speak more than a language, you need to make your mobile app available in the language they use for their daily activities such as shopping and entertainment. Your ASO partner can easily help you with it.


As a marketing method, app store optimization is advantageous for businesses who want to have their reach to mobile users. The agency specialized in ASO is well-aware of all how to do and helps you get what you expect from your business mobile app. You can partner with us at Digi Markets if you need support in optimizing your mobile app on Google Play Store, Android Play Store, or Apple Store.