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Here are the 4 New Shopping Campaign Features Broadcasted by Google

The festival season is here, and brands are putting in all their efforts to make their products a hit in the market. Advertisers, merchants, and PPC experts have received a great gift from the search engine. Google has now allowed them to include additional product information and positives, like product-specific insights, expected delivery dates, etc.

The holiday season is round the corner, big days like Black Friday, Christmas, and Boxing Day Sales will bring a huge load of customers to the shopping sites, and that’s when businesses will make the most profits. The newly added shopping campaign features will help businesses advertise their products more efficiently, bringing better returns for manufacturers, sellers, and advertisers.

So, let’s move ahead and understand about what a Google Ad Specialist can expect from the four new shopping campaign features.

The Four New Features for Advertisers

Google has announced the four new features for advertisers ahead of the holiday season. Let’s understand each one of them in detail


First feature: Conversion Value Rules for Store Sales and Store Visits

The newly introduced conversion value rules for store sales and store visits will ensure that the advertisers set store visits or sales default values at the campaign level. According to Google, “searches for ‘store open’ have skyrocketed by nearly 400% year to year”, which calls for marketers to look into this aspect. To optimize the in-store shopping experiences, marketers must be active in their online-store presence. As a result, keeping online customers informed is mandatory. 

Furthermore, Google suggests that marketers should focus on keeping their business profile up to date so customers can easily find a business store. In this context, the advertisers should make some efforts to mention store address and operating hours, keeping the customers informed about the working hours of the business. 

The new conversion value rules for store sales allow businesses to boost the physical presence of their store and promote the store’s address to make it more visible and accessible to potential customers. Companies can upgrade their physical footfall with various software. If you are based in Noida, you can get assisted by the best digital marketing company in Noida in making your online presence felt. 

Second Feature: Product Specific Insights

Product-specific insights are meant to assist marketers and make their leg job easier by making the product information available at the account level. This data will help marketers spot products with missing feed assets, identify under-performing products and compare bidding with other big competitors.

 Product insights leverage ad performance data, allowing the products to get better visibility at the online store. This data works on shopping and Performance Max campaigns, which will help marketers fix the flaws in the product. This feature is among the most highly anticipated features amongst the newly introduced shopping campaign features for 2022. Marketers expect great returns from product insights in their new shopping campaigns.

Third Feature: Deals Content API

In a survey, the search engine giant Google revealed that 55% of shoppers planned on waiting to buy items during the big-saving sales. As a result, this nature of the shoppers makes the third feature even more critical for marketers. 

The deal content API is included with the intent to make uploading and managing deals easier at scale. Furthermore, merchants and Google Ads consultants will now capably add promotions to their listings via the API.

Google’s announcement to launch the Deals Content API will help marketers plan better for the big shopping time of the year. This way, more and more potential customers will be attracted to the upcoming deals. This feature will help businesses make their customer aware of the upcoming deal, encouraging them to shop with immense zeal. 

The renowned SEO company India will guide you through these newly introduced features so that you can plan better before the holiday season begins. Take help from market experts and let them handle the stress of making your brand visible online.

Fourth Feature: Shipping and Returns Annotations

The most interesting newly introduced feature is the shipping and returns annotations, which allows the advertisers to list the expected delivery date and free returns straight on the advertisement. This keeps the message clear, making customers feel more relaxed about buying a product.

For any online customer, an easy return policy is one of the most demanded and essential features. This newly introduced parameter makes it easier for advertisers to grab more eyeballs by providing security with quick and hassle-free return services.

Google clears that 3 in 10 customers are always concerned about stock issues. Therefore, adding delivery time to the order will provide a sense of security to the customers, making them free to choose and pick more and more items online. This feature will multiply the conversion rate of people trying to shop online.  

Why these newly introduced Google Shopping Campaign 2022 features are important?

We all know how the pandemic has hit people’s capacity to spend on shopping for leisure products. However, since the entire world is managing to come out of the effects of COVID, various businesses are also sensing great opportunities to multiply their line of products and services sold online. 

Google’s decision to announce these four new shopping campaign features will give marketers an upper hand in preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Advertisers can now sense that the spending capability of potential customers has increased. As a result, keeping the online store prepared for a heavy load of customers is essential. 

It is time for marketers to test the features before the actual shopping season begins. Mentioning the expected delivery date and other important information will make the deal more transparent to the customers. As a result, customers will spend more as they feel secure while shopping online. We are an expert digital marketing company in India which is helping hundreds of clients achieve their yearly targets. We assist other businesses in understanding the market and implementing the changes accordingly.