Important Google updates to be rolled out in 2022

2022 - A Key Year For Google

Google started to roll out its algorithm update known as “The Page Experience Update” on June 16, 2021. The main aim of this update is to offer a better experience to all its users and prioritize the web pages that have high-quality page performance. With high-quality, Google refers to stable pages with fast load times and non-shifting. Google has always given importance to page experience metrics that include HTTPS security, mobile-friendliness, and other intrusive interstitial. Moreover, ever since the update of 2010, Google has prioritized fast pages. However, with the current update, it will be introducing three important metrics that will measure the overall page experience as well as the speed. These new metrics are known as Core Web Vitals. 

But how does it impact SEO? If you are working to optimize your website, this is an important piece of information for you. Moreover, you can also get in touch with a good Google SEO Company in India that can take away all your SEO worries and help your website get top ranking. 

Impact Of The Update On SEO 

Whenever Google makes an update, the first thing to assess is its impact on SEO. So, after the update, one of the most important steps would be to optimize your website to get a good Core Web Vitals score. Once you do that, your ranking factors will improve. Moreover, offering a good user experience also helps in improving your conversion rates and bounce rates which leads to an improvement in your total revenues made through various marketing channels. A key deciding factor if your user will stay on your website for more than 10 to 15 seconds is its performance. You need to have a good loading speed or you will lose a potential lead. So, when you start working towards improving the page experience, you should aim at improving the overall quality of your website. This would include good quality content and other important UX practices that can help you optimize your web page as per the requisites of the new update.

To sum up, if you want to be in the SEO game and perform well, you need to understand the importance of long-term planning. The biggest factor that can affect this is great content. You must make sure that your website has flawless content that is crisp, focused, optimized, and something that adds value. Your main goal should be to offer what the users are looking for and then go from there. This will help your SEO stay intact and sail through all the Google algorithm updates. Basically, you must create content that helps in filling the gaps in your industry and offer things that people really want to read. 

You can also go for other marketing strategies such as email campaigns, content creation for your blogs, Facebook ads, and much more. A comprehensive approach will help your website to perform well and gather more users. 

2022, A Key Year In The Google Ecosystem

Google wants to continue to grow and increase the value and usefulness of its conglomerate of software and hardware products, and making them understand each other better is one of the company's goals for this year, starting with speed to time to pair the devices.

Google Fast Pair is the company's fast connection protocol to reduce the time this process takes, and the company plans to bring these capabilities to Chromebooks, which, in a few weeks, will be able to enjoy this possibility with headphones compatible with this protocol. You can even configure a new Chromebook from an Android mobile. This feature will also land on Android TV, being able to link the headphones to the Smart TV with Fast Pair to enjoy a fast connection without disturbing anyone. Wear OS will also have its share of new features, and smartwatches equipped with this operating system will be able to automatically unlock an Android Chromebook, smartphone, or tablet after configuring this option.

Switching From One Device To Another Will Also Be Easy

At a time when users have access to so many devices, being able to switch between workspaces quickly is also important. This is why Google is developing a technology for Bluetooth headsets that will allow users to automatically switch between devices depending on their needs. In this way and using an example from Google itself, if you are watching a movie on your tablet and receive a call on your mobile, your headphones will automatically pause the movie and start playing the mobile audio in the call. And all without you having to do anything! Not only that but all notifications and mobile messaging apps can also be accessed from Chromebook, even without having to install them. Google Assistant will also get smarter, and you'll be able to ask it for even more things around your home and even your car. 

Google has also announced that it will start offering the Chromecast feature on third-party devices so that users can stream audio with the touch of a button. The first manufacturer to integrate this option will be Bose, just as it is already allowed —in its own way— on televisions with Android TV, to which it is extremely easy to send content. In addition, Windows will also receive news regarding its connection with Android, such as the ability to run applications, or the Fast Pair for pairing, thanks to the company's work in collaboration with manufacturers such as Acer, HP, or Intel. Like the rest of the announced functions, it will be available throughout the year.


As is evident, a lot of new updates and exciting introductions will be made by Google this year. If you are looking to stay ahead of the competition during this time and make sure that you perform well according to the latest algorithm of Google, get in touch with us, an SEO company in Noida! We take pride in being the best SEO company in Noida that can help you grow online and make your website, Google’s best friend.