Learn everything you need to know about app store optimization

All You Need To Know About App Store Optimization

All You Need To Know About App Store Optimization

At present, there are over 2.6 million Android applications in the Google Play Store and more than 2 million applications in the Apple app store. The user base has reached a whopping 3 billion smartphone users across the world and the figures are rising continuously.

The numbers are staggering especially when developers are looking for ways to get their apps noticed. Standing out in this highly competitive market is quite a challenging task. Besides, ranking the application high in an app store search is equally difficult. Developers need to make sure that they keep up with the search intent on app stores.

What Is App Store Optimization?

App Store optimization refers to the process of enhancing the visibility of the application within the app store and increasing its conversion rate. The majority of applications tools like iOS and Google Play for Android make use of certain search intents. App Store Optimization Packages focuses on factors like click-through rate and convinces users to find applications from store listings. It is done by optimizing the app title, app name, app icon, app ratings, and app screenshots.

Once a user clicks through the app store listing page the app developer needs to make sure that they also download or purchase the application. It is an integral part of ASO and is commonly known as conversion rate optimization.

Differences between SEO and ASO

App Search Optimization is commonly termed as app Store SEO as both processes make use of keyword optimization, conversion optimization, and backlinking. However, that ranking factor is one of the major differences between search engine optimization and app store optimization.

SEO factors for different web browsers like Google search which involve more than 200 aspects. On the other hand, the ranking factor of ASO is relatively low. Many users are still unaware of the role of app store optimization and its benefits.

Role of App Store Optimization for App Growth

As discussed before there are over 5 million applications available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Today every new addition in the app store faces tough competition. The primary purpose of app store optimization is increasing download and the number of loyal users. The most effective step of increasing download is to make the app easily discoverable by potential users. Therefore it is important to understand how people search applications on the app store.

How Do Users Find And Download Mobile Applications?

Users typically look for specific applications in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. More than 70% of the users use the search option to find new applications. Besides, more than 60% of the downloads happen directly after a certain result. It clearly shows app store search is the most common method of discovering new applications.

The higher an app ranks in the search result the more relevant it becomes to the user. Applications with higher ranking also have higher conversion rates. Therefore achieving top ranks is essential; for an application to become successful. Without App Store Optimization Agency developers can miss out on prominent marketing channels for games and mobile apps.

Implementation of proper App Store Optimization Packages is key for app growth. It will deliver long-lasting and sustainable results in this highly competitive market.

App Store Optimization Packages

Benefits of App Store Optimization

From the above discussion, it is believed that app store optimization is an absolute must for presenting an application to the right users. Experts believe that app Store optimization is the most effective marketing strategy for emerging applications and games.

Following are some of the benefits of app Store optimization

Enhances Visibility and Help Stand out In-App Stores

Users on the app store will not be able to download an application if they cannot find it. Therefore even if an application has a lot of features and functionality it will not reach the target audience. Optimizing is the key to presenting applications to the right users.

Always Get Discovered By Relevant Users

On the App Store, it is not just about finding the application. The app should reach the right user to achieve higher conversion rates. App Store Optimization Agency helps in finding the right users as it matches with relevant keywords. There are specific search terms people used to find applications.

Increases Organic Download

Proper application store optimization strategies help in increasing conversion rates. Developers can get long-term results with the use of relevant keywords with their applications. Regular monitoring is essential to make App Store Optimization Service successful.

Eliminate User Acquisition Cost

App Store optimization helps cut down on advertisement expenses. App Search Optimization not only helps reduce user acquisition costs but also offers continuous growth.

Helps Improve Conversion Rate and App Revenue

There are several waves the monitor is an application. In-app advertisement, in-app purchase, and subscription models help in earning more revenue. However, if the applicant page does not offer sufficient conversion users will not be able to download the application App Store Optimization Service also includes conversion rate optimization and helps people get more clicks through and download.

Reach Out To Global Audience

By making applications available in multiple languages through app store optimization one can reach out to global users. Mobile App Optimization Package is crucial to give applications global exposure.

How Does App Store Optimization Work?

Once the application is developed, the creator needs to find a suitable channel for publishing the game or application. Usually, developers choose Google Play Store or Apple app store for publishing their applications.

A large number of applications on the app store require developers to be highly active with their app store optimization strategies. Understanding the latest trends and developing applications is crucial to keep up in the highly competitive market. Apps with excessive bugs and poor quality are subject to removal from the app store. There are several patterns developers need to learn proper app store optimization strategies.

It is important to spend a little time every day working on app store optimization to learn about the different aspects. Once the app gains adequate tracing the next episode promo videos and with the help of paid advertisement. It will help in increasing the market share of an application. Mobile App Optimization Package is essential for successful app marketing. One needs to adopt these strategies right from the beginning and consider ongoing initiatives. Brandignity helps developers deploy effective ASO strategies to attract more organic traffic. We optimize app content for better app store results. Our experts create app titles and app descriptions using suitable keywords to enhance visibility. Brandignity stresses using relevant keywords to improve search engine rankings. We help developers monetize their apps faster.

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