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All You Need to Know About Etsy SEO

All You Need to Know About Etsy SEO

What is Etsy SEO? What does it use to rank results? If you don't know the answer to these questions, then you are in the right place. We will discuss Etsy SEO in detail, and you will get all the answers to your query. If you are a seller, practicing Etsy SEO is the best opportunity to get results. If you are looking for tips to get started with Etsy SEO, you can contact a leading SEO company in India, where experts will help you understand the basics of Etsy SEO.

Facts About Etsy SEO

There is a lot of information on the internet relating to Etsy SEO, some can be great, and some can harm your shop's success. If you think that Etsy SEO considers your descriptions it is not true. Etsy doesn't look at your descriptions when determining your ranking. On Etsy, descriptions consist of product information for your potential customers. However, Etsy looks at the first 60 characters in your title, and that first half of your title is more heavily weighted than the latter part.

Query Matching

Suppose a person searches for "baby clothes," it is called a "search query." Now, Etsy will use this information and look in their database for items that match this search query, hence the name "query matching." Etsy examines all the products listed on their platform, looking for a keyword match for "baby clothes" in:

  • Product Titles
  • Product Tags
  • Product Categories
  • Product Attributes


At the ranking stage, Etsy will show thousands of listings to the shoppers. Etsy's primary focus is to deliver shoppers listings or products that they are likely to buy. Etsy look at few things which include:

  • Relevancy
  • Listing Quality Score
  • Recency
  • Customer and market experience score
  • Shipping price
  • Translations and languages
  • Shoppers habits

Now, Let's discuss each of the factors mentioned above in detail.


It is undeniable to say that if your title, tags, attributes, and categories match the search query, your result will show up in the Google SERPs because it is "relevant." However, as the best SEO marketing company in India, we suggest using all 13 tags, adding relevant attributes options, and choosing specific categories for your products.

Listing Quality Score

Etsy focuses on the sale of the product, and they want to show potential shopper product listings that will sell well. Etsy also keeps track of how well it is performing. Now the question arises, how many people will purchase the product after clicking on your listing? It is called listing conversion rate, and the higher it is, the more Etsy will want to show your product to potential shoppers. As the best SEO company of India, we recommend you keep your conversion rate up; otherwise, Etsy will not show your listing to users.

To boost the conversion rate, focus on your product photography and product description because this is what a user will consider before purchasing your product.


Etsy likes new products. When you list your product, it will a temporary boost lasting for a few hours to a few days. In this period, Etsy will rank this particular product a bit higher in search results. By giving visibility to new products, Etsy can see how shoppers interact with it and gather data for that "listing quality score." New products indeed get visibility for a short period, but it is not the best Etsy SEO strategy. However, it is necessary to pick the right tags and focus on your listing quality score or conversion rate.

Customer and Market Experience Score

Etsy cares a lot about their customers, and it wants visitors to have the best experience when they visit a platform. That's the only reason why they look at your reputation. If you have a fair amount of positive reviews, you will be more likely to get rank on the search results. As a leading SEO company in India, we recommend you provide the best customer service so that they can give you the five stars ratings, make sure you have complete shop policies, and create an effective about section for your shop.

Shipping price

Most people don't like to pay for shipping, and more likely to buy if the shipping is cheap or even free. Etsy knows about customer behavior, and they want sales. Etsy uses shipping in their algorithm in which items with lower shipping fees rank higher in search results. As a B2C business owner, we recommend you to lower down your shipping fees.

Translations and languages

It is useful for those who sell their products in several countries. If you set up your shop's language as "French," don't write your English tags, and vice versa. Also, if you add manual translations, they will often be better than the automatically generated one from Etsy and help you to rank higher in search results.

Shopper's Habits

All the above factors help Etsy to decide in which order the results should be displayed. However, there is no such thing as a unified "rank" anymore – which means that if you type "baby clothes" and some other user type "baby clothes," the results will not be the same neither in the same order. It is known as Context-Specific Results, and it was added to the Etsy search algorithm in September 2018. Also, Etsy uses past behavior data on the platform to show each shopper's results that they are more likely to buy.

It is not a good practice to type your keywords and checking if your results are displaying or not. Every shopper sees different results, and it is not helpful. However, you can use your shop's stats to discover which keywords are getting more traffic.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in Etsy SEO?

Not Niched Enough – It is one of the most common problems which many sellers make. It means that you are trying to sell a bit of everything to everyone. As a B2C business owner, you need to focus on what you are selling and who you are selling it to.

Bad Quality Photography – Product photography plays a crucial role in getting more sales. However, if your product photography is of low quality, no one will be interested in buying your product.

Not Using Keywords/Tags/SEO – You need to identify all the relevant keywords for your product, and don't forget to place it in your title and the description. However, it is better to use long-tail keywords in which the search volume is high, and competition is low. You can use tools like Marmalead and Etsy Rank to help you.

Not Bringing Your Traffic – The Etsy algorithm changes regularly, and it is something that you can't control. The best way to take control of your business is by bringing in your traffic to your shop using social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook, and ensure that you are growing your email list.

Not Adding New Products Regularly – As we have mentioned earlier that new products get visibility for a short duration. So, make sure to release new items or products regularly to increase your chances of getting found to generate more sales.

Competing on Price rather than on Value – Most people do this, and they end up killing their profits and the sales. Your products are not a commodity, and instead of competing on price, compete on value. Ensure you have an attractive logo, excellent product photography, packaging, customer service, and everything necessary to outrank your competitors.

Giving up too Quickly – As you know, the results are not quick with SEO and are not guaranteed. It takes a lot of time and effort to attain good results. Don't expect to have a lot of sales overnight, and focus on all the points mentioned above to keep your ranking higher.

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