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Avoid these Instagram Mistakes for Higher Productivity at Reduced Expenses

Avoid these Instagram Mistakes for Higher Productivity at Reduced Expenses

  • Instagram is the 2nd most popular social media platform today. Social media marketing services providers have it listed on priority as it currently has 700 Million active users.
  • Your Instagram marketing strategy for 2020 should be focused on less investment and more audience reach.

Instagram was founded in October, 2010, and in a period of 10 years it has gained popularity at a tremendous rate. It was sold in 2012 to Facebook, which led to boost the popularity of the platform even further. Installed over 1B times on Google Play, more than 32% of internet users across the globe use Instagram. It’s a great place for businesses to promote their business and earn responses from target audience. You can share your best moments of the day, your most interesting facts and any statistics relating to your company that might interest your audience.

Insta Stats for 2020:

  • Instagram has over 1B monthly users.
  • Instagram stories is being used by over 500 million people on a daily basis.
  • The platform has 52% female and 48% male users worldwide.
  • 63% of Insta users login at least once in a day.
  • The advertising reach on Instagram is 849.3M users per 72 hours.

There are some grave mistakes a digital marketing agency can make when it comes to Instagram marketing. The following are the most important ones that can and should be avoided:

Using a Poor Handle and Not Updating your Bio: Share some details of yourself on your bio section. Visitors see your bio as the first thing when they visit your profile. Focus on making a strong first impression with your bio.

  • Create and upload an attractive profile photo. The pic should be relevant to the kind of account you’re planning to run on the platform. Ensure that the photo is clear and of good quality.
  • Use the allowed 150 characters for your bio, effectively. Grow your business in the right direction. Incorporate some copywriting elements into your description, add hashtags with strong trendy words.
  • If you are a business, you must most certainly add the “@” or the “#” signs in your bio and add your main services. This helps you be found by Insta users with the same interest as yours.

Do Not Misuse the Hashtag Sign: Increase your engagement rate with the most useful hashtags. Users find it easier to discover content of their interest with the help of hashtags, and this is exactly why you must use them effectively, and never misuse them.

  • Do not use more hashtags than necessary. Insta allows you to use 30 hastags at a time, but it is better not to use too many hashtags for a post. There is a term called “Shadowbanning”, it is referred to being blocked by Insta. When a user misuses the tags to gain more fans, you lose your existing audience and do not make any new ones.
  • You will also not know when IG blocks your posts, as they will do it in such a way that you will not realize your posts have been blocked to new viewers. You will also not be appreciated by the platform if you recycle the hashtags. Also, if your posts gets blocked by Instagram, it will be difficult for you to get back on track, i.e find new followers and get new views for your posts.

Do not Wrongly Follow and Unfollow Accounts: You follow accounts that are popular to enjoy their content and you also follow people with a hope to get followed by them. However, if you are following people and waiting for them to follow you so that you can unfollow them later, it is not an ethical practice.

You will not be able to reach new people if you do this. The best way to get more followers is by actively participating in new campaigns and contests. You may also run them yourself to grab attention. Brands are inspired by other brands, think about impressing big brands with your posts.

Poor Quality Content Creation: Content is certainly the king. People are more attracted toward content that has stats, value and interesting facts. The competition of the market is stiff and you need to meet the expectation of your clients by using only a few words with a good image.

  • Keep your content super-high in quality so that your followers are attracted to your posts and are convinced to follow you. The following points can help you write good content.
  • Focus on posting useful videos and photos and focus on offering a service that is helpful to people. Recheck your content before posting, check to ensure it is ideal for your target audience. Do not talk about matters that are not related to your business, especially if you are running a business account.
  • You may create video content, image content or written content for your marketing campaigns and to promote your products and services. Your services should be helpful and interesting.


Buying Followers on Instagram: Do not buy followers on any social media platform. A digital marketing agency can help you getting Instagram followers faster as they are not as difficult to earn as you think. All you need is consistent posting of valuable content. Real users should follow you, so that you get real comments, real likes and a permanent average fan following rate.

Your followers should be able to trust you, and fake followers make your account look shady. You have less posts and more followers, and if you are a new company, it is obvious to your visitors that you cannot gain followers overnight.


The last but certainly not the least, Instagram marketing without audience engagement is useless marketing. The objective should be on engaging your audience and you should not leave any opportunity to do that.


Thanks for reading!