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Did You Know that Google Offers New Websites a Honeymoon Period

Did You Know that Google Offers New Websites a Honeymoon Period

  • Your site is brand new, and they say you have to wait at least six months for it to gain any search engine presence? Well, we have a different theory.
  • Even if your site is brand new, all you need is excellent content, updated content marketing techniques and most importantly visitors, tons and tons of them for Google to start ranking you on their SERPs.

Heard about Google Webmaster Guidelines? Well, these are important. Your site should adhere to the guidelines, the site should be crawlable and indexable. Yes, you need to ensure the basic SEO requirements are met, while you exempt in content marketing.

Here are the things you need to know if your site is brand new and you want to take advantage of Google’s honeymoon period offer for new sites:

1. Keep it Speedy - Whoever said site performance is highly dependent on the speed of site, couldn’t be more correct. Speed has weight when it comes to SEO, and you need to ensure that your users are enjoying a fast browsing experience. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you need to stop reading further because the issue needs fixing first.

According to Forbes, Google’s algorithms changes up to 600 times in a year. A lot of that has to do with improving customer experience in terms of loading speed. 47% of visitors expect a webpage to load within one to two seconds.

Google Cloud Services can be used as a hosting provider to enhance the speed of you site for GoogleBot. However, this is just an option, you can still rank with other hosting providers.

2. Build Links from Day-1: Once you have enough content on your website you must begin link building as it is one of the most important part of SEO, and search engines begin to find you when there are back links and in-built links that lead to more information on a particular keyword in trend.

You need positive customer feedback. These visits to your site are going to define how your site performs on Google. Link building can improve the conversion rate of your site while also improving the online reputation of your website.

A recent research was done on link building. 600,000 keywords were analysed by SEMrush, and according to certain case studies a content marketing agency was able to boost the rank of a website on Google from #18 to #1 by link building within 3 months.

Begin link building and never stop. It is a part of SEO, hence it is an on-going process. Do not focus on PageRank passing links, and avoid black hat techniques, and you’re all good to go.

3. SignUp for Console: : If you haven’t signed up for Google Search Console, it’s free, register now. This is not an advertisement, it is a damn good advise. Also, it is not about getting free SEO relevant data and free tools for improving the performance of your site. Google Console is used by SEO experts such as Neil Patel.

Google console has started a new training program on YouTube. It’s the amazing Daniel Waisberg again, a renowned Search Advocate at Google. Follow the series and begin with the basics on the topic.

Check out the video below:

Your site can begin with an ‘http://’ or with an ‘https://’ console welcomes you. It is better have your site secured with an SSL certificate, as this would mean your website is secure for users to submit their information.

A good ranking on search engine promises you maximum SERP presence and also drives up your click-through-rate(CTR). This is done by structured data, and we must say structured data is another major point to remember. Things like breadcrumb implementation, a unique logo, social media optimization, site map implementation, robot.txt, and other basis SEO practices are a must to structure your site accurately.

Google’s honeymoon period relies on you following certain rules and know certain things that others usually don’t know.

In a Nutshell,

  • Your site is new and you need real visitors who care to subscribe and return to your website.
  • Focus on link building, do not go for black at SEO, no matter the tempting top rank it promises. Do not focus primarily on PageRank.
  • Your site should load within seconds. Do what you need to, compress or remove large images, remove or compress videos if any, install a speed booster, do what you need to for this. Speed and site performance are directly related.