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Does and Does not of SEO - White Hat vs Black Hat

Do’s and Don’ts of SEO - White Hat vs Black Hat

We understand that it is important to know about tricks and hacks for faster results when it comes to search engine optimization. However, it is also utterly important to ensure these hacks are not destroying your website instead of helping it grow.

Today we’re spotting the key factors that would trigger a website’s potential to rank higher and we’re jotting down the practices you mustn’t follow.

The following Do’s and Don’t of SEO lists the difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO. We are confident that they would certainly help you “know better”:

Do - Keyword ResearchDon’t - Stuff Keywords
What you need is short and long tail trending keywords on your content. Do your research with SEO tools available online.Keyword Stuffing leads to penalization. Google will hate you, and you cannot afford that, especially if you’re serious about your business.
Do - Keyword PlacementDon’t - Perform Invisible Text
Place the keywords effectively throughout the content without stuffing them. The keywords should come naturally with the flow of the content.Invisible text also refers to keyword stuffing. This is a big ‘NO’. Only search engines can see them but they would be invisible to the readers.
Do - Curate Quality ContentDon’t - Doorway Pages Technique
Keep your content fresh and contextually accurate. We need returning visitors and subscribes who are not forced to unsubscribe later.Do not go for the doorway pages technique, it is a process that uses fake pages for search engines. It is used to index sites higher but is certainly not a genuine practice.
Do - Sitemap ImplementationDon’t - Link Farming
Sitemap is a must for navigation on your website. It helps search engines and visitors navigate across your site with ease.Link Farming refers to setting fake websites. It helps in interlinking and search engines are made to believe that the website has inbound links that are relevant to the keywords searched.
Do - Original ContentDon’t - Content Spinning
Keeping the content 100% plagiarism free can actually boost your traffic eventually, and rank you higher in a natural way on search engines.Spun content can fill your website with content but they are full of grammatical mistakes and there are high chances of your site to get spammed on social media and blocked on search engines.

One very important point is clickbait. Avoid this old-fashioned method of driving traffic to your website. It gives you organic traffic, but this traffic is going to leave you with a high bounce rate which leads to a lower rank on Google.

If you think you are smart, search engines are actually smarter than you because their algorithms keeps updating to ensure black hat practices are eliminated from the root level.

We need promotion of the website, and black hat SEO is the best way to get a website’s ranking on SERPs demoted to a poor level. Practice white hat seo only, it is the safest and best way to remain on a good rank on search engines for a significant period of time.

Thanks for reading!