What are the best practices of App Store Optimization?

Do’s & Don'ts Of App Store Optimization

Campaign tracking and optimization for mobile marketing apps is the best way to maximize results and thus, increase both app downloads, loyal users, and revenue. However, successful marketing must begin during the product development and creative stages. From building a great app to designing your banners and optimizing your homepage app store, a lot goes into optimizing an app store. 

Best Practices For App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization best practices

There is no doubt that marketing and communication departments are paying more and more attention to the mobile channel. Companies launch mobile applications or their websites on mobiles. The mobile marketing campaign must have a clear objective, and it must be integrated into the corporate marketing of a company. Moreover, offers made through mobile marketing must provide real value to recipients. Mobile marketing is, by nature, intrusive, and we must make sure the customer stays engaged with its content. 

The best way to maximize results and increase app downloads, as well as users and revenue, is for apps to be based on mobile app marketing campaign optimization and tracking data. However, successful marketing should start during the product development and creative stages, from building a great app to designing your banners and optimizing your app store layout page.

It is also noteworthy that when launching a mobile application of whatever type, we must have our app marketing strategy well tied to it. The part that we can best control of this strategy is the optimization of the title, description, and others of our app. This is what is called App Store Optimization (ASO).

In this article, we analyze what we should and should not do when it comes to App Store Optimization. 

  • App Name

The name of an app is one of the most important parts of App Store Optimization. This is precisely why we must pay attention to the title since it will be the first thing the user will read.


Include the name of the brand or app in the title. Also, include one to three keywords in the title. Use the right tools to find your ASO keywords. In addition to that, remember that the most important terms should be mentioned within the first 25 characters.


One of the most common mistakes that are made here is using 255 characters (in iOS). In Android, you have a 25 character limit in the title. It is not necessary that you reach the limit. Only write what can be useful. Also, the use of too many keywords will be spam in the eyes of the user.

  • Mobile App Details

Another important part of ASO is the description that accompanies the app. In Android, it has a limit of 4000 characters and counts for its positioning in Google Play. The description in iOS does not count for the search but is still useful at a marketing level.


Try to include a description that gives more information about the app. Explain how it works, what it consists of, and other relevant qualities. Write an easy-to-read text, including a list of the functions of the app, as well as a summary explaining the points that you have improved on with the most recent updates of the app.


When writing, avoid using very dense paragraphs. Long texts are more difficult to read, and this will only bore the user. Do not write what you cannot read or understand yourself. 

  • The Design Of The 'App Icon'

As you already know, the design of the icon of an app is very important when it comes to making mobile apps. That is why we must take many things into account when designing it.


The most important thing is to create a one hundred percent original app icon. Some basic recommendations would be to use a single shape or symbol in the design of apps and, above all, to make it as simple and recognizable as possible. One technique to make it stand out from the other apps in the store is to use vibrant colors.


Some of the most recurrent practices that do not favor downloads or engagement in an app are making the icon too complex. That could mean too many different colors, too many shapes, or large amounts of written text.

  • General App Design

The general design of a mobile app is also relevant for App Store Optimization. In the store, you will be allowed to include images that illustrate what your app is like, so the user will see the design before downloading the app. Take this opportunity to make a good impression before the user even download your app! 


Make the most of this functionality of the stores. Include five images (or screenshots) to show your application in the gallery of Google Play and Apple Store. It is always a good idea to use screenshots of the app to guide users to the heart of your app so that they know its characteristics and how it works before downloading it.


It is not always a good idea to include only the screenshots required to upload the app. Take advantage of the fact that you can upload more images. This can be a space to differentiate your app from the competition. Make the most of it!

Wrapping Up

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