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Featured Snippets - Why Do You Need Them for Your Website

Featured Snippets - Why Do You Need Them for Your Website?

There are a few types of featured snippets and they rank higher than #1 ranking results.

Featured snippet is the best position on Google. It is an awarding achievement.

Know the main difference between OneBox and Featured Snippets.

Images, written content and videos as well can appear on the snippet area.

The featured area lists the Google search results that rank higher than the no. 1 ranking results. They are on rank 0, which is better than ranking no. 1 on Google. They rank even higher than Pay-per-click ads.

If your competitors are being listed on the featured snippet section you certainly have a tough competition, however, the position 0 is achievable.

Google has been constantly adding information to its engine, and it has been modifying its algorithms to make it easier for deserving sites to rank higher so that visitors’ search experience is enhanced.

Featured snippets rank higher than organic search results and it feels like you’re on the spotlight amid top ranking Google results on the internet. The best part is that a featured snippet doesn’t interfere with the organic search results that rank on top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

How to get featured on a Google Featured Snippet area?

Excellent SEO(Search Engine Optimization) performance leads you to be positioned at the featured snippet area. Google features you and Google decides how and when to do it. Yes, it’s the search engine giant’s call, however you could place your request for it by ensuring that you practice efficient white hat SEO.

How does Featured Snippet work with voice search?

When you ask Google a question, the answer that it gives you is from the featured snippet section of the results page. You will notice that Google doesn’t give you a list of answers so that you can choose from them. This is another benefit of being on the featured on Position 0 of Google’s search results.

What are the Different Types of Featured Snippets?

Our research showed us that following types of featured snippets are the most popular ones seen till date.

Text Featured Snippets: The one we have mentioned above is an example of text snippet. It is a result of a keyword that has the best answer for a question in the form of a blog or a written content.

Video Featured Snippets: Here’s an example of a video snippet on Google:

On a featured video snippet you will be shown the most popular video search result because of the relevance of the keyword with the video. A video can better describe keywords like, ‘unboxing a samsung tv’.

Most of the results shown are from Google.

Now coming to a very important topic of OneBox. What is OneBox and how is it different from Featured Snippet?

Take a look at the screenshot below. It is the result shown from searching for ‘ Tom Francis - Rise’

Instead of a featured snippet with information relating to the blog, Google has decided to show this video on the top. This is OneBox. It will not take you to a blog or article with information on the keyword, but directly to the video which is more relevant and meets the requirements of a searcher, accurately.

Yes, a OneBox appears on the top of a result page of Google, and a OneBox would have the details of an Artist, the Album and other such relevant information.

The main difference:

Featured snippets get information for a linked domain and OneBox is mostly a result of Google’s own knowledge graph.

A OneBox used to appear on the right-hand side of the SERP(search engine result page). Now, you will see it appear on the position where #1 ranking results appear, or where featured snippets are shown by the search engine giant.

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