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Google AdSense: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Google AdSense: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Do you have your own blog or a website? If yes, ever wondered why it's not earning you money? Making money online from Google AdSense is the primary purpose of why people start their own blogs with different platforms like WordPress, Blogger, etc. AdSense is known as the best way to make money online.

As a leading PPC company in Noida, we highly recommend using Google AdSense to make money online via a blog or website. It's free to sign up for AdSense, and indeed you will receive your first check from Google within a few months of opening your AdSense account. However, AdSense revenue is based on one of two metrics:

  • Per impression, which shows the amount of page views a page with ads get.
  • Per click, which indicates the number of visitors who click on the advertisement.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a platform used by Google to deliver advertisements to various websites, YouTube videos, and other publishers across all the online sites. Whereas AdWords is the other part of an advertising platform that helps advertisers publish ads on various publisher's websites.

You can say that AdSense is the platform by which you will get money in exchange for showing different advertisements on your website.

How to Setup the AdSense Account?

Here are the steps to follow to create an AdSense account.

Visit https://www.google.com/adsense/start and click "Sign Up Now."

  • Enter the Google account you want to link with AdSense.
  • Enter the URL of the site on which you will be placing your ads. If your site is on one of Google's sister programs, like Blogger or YouTube, you can finish the registration procedure within the platform by clicking on "Continue In" once you have entered the URL.
  • Decide whether you want to receive suggestions for maximizing your AdSense operations.
  • Designate the country or territory in which your account address is placed.
  • Read and agree with AdSense's Terms and Conditions.
  • Click "Create Account."

As we are a reputable PPC company in Noida, our experts will guide you on creating a Google AdSense account and making money from it. However, if your application meets the following criteria, chances are it will be approved with no issues.

  • You have the site and have access to update the site's HTML source code.
  • The site must comply with AdSense program procedures, including limitations on adverse and copyrighted content, and meet specific technical requirements.
  • Your site has been active for six months or longer, a stipulation Google implements in particular locations to protect existing advertisers and site owners' interests.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.

As a reputable PPC company in Noida, we suggest you keep in mind the following points in order to make money from AdSense.

  • Get a good website that loads fast.
  • Create relevant and fresh content to drive more traffic ad to rank in top search engine result pages.
  • Keep an eye on Google Terms of Service.
  • Get quality backlinks.
  • Find the relevant and best performing SEO keywords.

How to Place Ads on a Website?

Once you meet all the requirements and your account has been approved, you can make some choices. Firstly, you need to decide which keywords you want to link with your ads; these should reflect your content and your reader's interests.

AdSense will then match you with ads that suit particular keywords entered into Google and organizations that use AdSense ads. Advertisers bid to promote their ads on your site based on the volume of traffic it gets. AdSense is configured to choose the highest-paying advertisements on your behalf.

Next, you will determine what ad formats you want to add to your site. You can use different ad styles when advertising through Google, which includes basic text-based ads, graphic ads, and video ads. To ensure that you provide advertisements that will be relevant to your readers, it's best to accommodate various ad formats on your site.

Lastly, you need to decide where to place the ads on your page. Identify placement with the end user's experience as the top priority. You want your visitors to understand and react to ads, but you don't want them to become distracting or irritating, so be sure the amount of actual content on your page outweighs the number of ads. You can use Google Analytics to discover the number, size, style, and placement of advertisements that best resonates with your readers.

As a leading PPC company in Noida, we have listed some approaches that can help you maximize your ad performance.

Try Different Ad Sizes and Styles

Track how your readers react to certain ad styles and adjust according to your preference. Google also allows running tests pitting different ad styles against each other.

Focus on the Ad Placement

Google gives research-based best methods for optimal ad placement for different types of sites. It includes new sites, blogs, sport sites, travel sites, discussion forums, and more. You can also look at popular sites in your industry to see where their ads are placed.

Make your Ads Sensitive

You already know your site should be responsive to ensure that it displays correctly on mobile devices. But, it's likely your ads need to follow the same playbook. As a simple first step, view your site and your ads on your mobile. Make sure your ads are displaying accurately.

Payments with Google AdSense

In AdSense, once your earnings reach $100, you can request a transfer into the account you have registered with AdSense. To add an account, you need to click "Settings" in the navigation panel on the left side of your AdSense dashboard. Click "Payments" and then "Manage Payment Methods." Then click "Add Payment Method," enter your bank account details, and click "Save."

As a reputable PPC company in Noida, we have listed some recommendations to boost your earnings.

Most Relevant and Informational Content

Google is filled with readers who have turned to search engines to answer a question or solve a problem. Ensure your content responds to their questions and is optimized to show up near the top of their search results.

Make Your Site Interesting for Users.

Make sure your site navigation is simple to find and use. Be sure to insert links to other content within every page or post, so readers have other choices if they want to go deeper into a subject or if they aren't finding the original post interesting. As a PPC company in Noida, we recommend providing more content offerings in the sidebar by creating categories for most popular posts, most shared posts, and the like.

Provide multiple routes to your Content

Within your header and footer, in sidebars, and at the end of each post, offer visitors various options for staying connected to your site, including social media links and email notifications. With each new piece of content you post, you will have the opportunity to contact previous visitors to remind them to stop by your site, and ideally, view or click on your ads.

Create an Outstanding User Experience

It doesn't matter how useful your content is; if your site's loading speed is low, visitors will stop visiting your website and move on to the other website. As a result, it will increase your website's bounce rate. As a reputable PPC company in Noida, we recommend you to use free tools provided by Google to make sure your site is running smoothly. Tools like Google Search Console offers a range of features to help you identify any errors or functionality issues visitors may encounter. Also, Google Analytics will help you monitor your traffic levels, so if you notice a sudden drop, you can look for any technical issues that may be driving visitors away.

Google AdSense Guide: Important Points For You to Consider

  • Google will only pay you when your earnings are more than $100.
  • Approval of content becomes clear if you have unique and fresh content on your website.
  • Boost your search engine traffic by using different SEO methods.
  • Refresh your websites regularly to expand your search engine crawling.
  • Get approx 1000 actual visits every day.
  • To qualify for AdSense, your website should be 3 to 6 months old.


Once you learn all the necessary steps of making money on Google AdSense, you can simply start building a territory that will upgrade everyday over time. If you target the right keywords, you can make more money quickly. However, Digi-Markets is a reputable PPC company in Noida, where our experts will help you understand the complete process of making money online on Google AdSense and how to create an account.

Thanks for reading!