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How do you write good website content?

How do you write good website content?

Write simple sentences. Keep them informative and to the point.

Insert the keywords evenly throughout the content, and do not insert one keyword more than five times in a 500 words article.

Have something different, something unique to share. Do not just copy and paste what you find on Google.

In my opinion the best piece of web content that I have created is a blog on data integration and migration. It is ranking as the featured post on the first page of Google. Searchers who search for the term, 'Learn data integration and migration' can find it ranking on top. The blog is informative, it has trending keywords inserted evenly throughout the content so that visitors who visit the page get the information that they came looking for.

I believe that the unique title, the useful information and the proper insertion of relevant trending keywords helped the SEO expert to work more efficiently on the post. I received a lot of appreciation from the SEO expert and the owner of the website for this post.

In my experience, the keywords used, the uniqueness of the content, and the readability of the content are the three most important aspects of writing SEO content.

The objective of writing content according to SEO rules is to rank high on search engines. Keyword insertion is the most important aspect of SEO content writing. This is because potential visitors type in certain keywords when they look for a product, service or any information on a search engine and the results that show up on the first page are the most clicked results.

If the most searched keywords are not inserted in a piece of content, there is little to no chance for it to rank on search engines.

The other important aspects are the uniqueness of the title and the content. If the content is copied or does not provide any unusual information, search engines might block the redirection link and if not that, visitors might not stay for more than five seconds on the landing page. This would increase the bounce rate of the website.

The readability of the content as well is extremely important. It is better not to use heavy words, the sentences should be short and grammatically correct. The objective is not only to have visitors, but to have returning visitors, and only excellent readability can do the trick.

An example of a Disco Ball description:

Turn your house party into an illuminated dance festival with a highly reflective, vintage disco ball. Make your party come alive. Set up a hall room dance stage and dance away on your favorite 70's retro music beats. Classic never gets old. It's time to disco when a mirror ball is up in action.

Presenting the season's best seller, 20cm in diameter, lightweight, foam filled, and secure disco ball at a price that is fit for the pocket. Your search ends here, this is the best disco ball in town right now. No party should go without some classic disco dancing. What do you think?

Notice the keywords in bold and see how they have been inserted. The multiple ways to say disco ball without repeating the same words more than two times. The keywords are only effective when they are inserted in the right way and in the right number of times.

Do not make the content “too much marketing”. Keep it informative, unique, grammatically correct and interesting to the reader.

Thanks for reading!