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How to Write Effective Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

How to Write Effective Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions?

Improving or Meta Titles and Meta Tags are among the best ways to start when the main priority is to rank the website on the search engine with an effective SEO strategy. As a reputable Google SEO company in India, we can assure you that Metadata is vital as it provides the readers with short and relevant information about your website, and this is why it should be written excellently.

A meta title looks like this when viewed on the source page.

A meta description looks like this when viewed on the source page.

Now, let’s discuss the meta description. It describes the landing page that is displayed below the Meta title. It helps reduce your bounce rate, as the users are going find exactly what they need when they visit your website. A guaranteed SEO company in India writes a compelling description by inserting the relevant keywords and avoiding keyword stuffing and duplicate content in metadata.

Metadata is essential for SEO. However, it is not a ranking factor, but it is used in search engine algorithms, and some indirect benefits can help the website to rank on the Search engine. Read More..

Metadata's purpose is to give the information simply and shortly and attract the user’s attention to visit the website. A Good SEO Company in India would suggest you that if you write effective meta titles and meta descriptions, with relevant information for searchers, there are higher chances of a huge traffic boost and eventually result in higher rankings.

However, Google uses Click-through-rate to check whether your website is relevant for the users. The more the click, the better the results. The aim is to get a first-page ranking, and you can achieve it by following the right practices.

When you Google SEO company in India you will find us ranking on the first page. You can check the meta data we have used to be where we are. We suggest you must insert both titles and descriptions as part of the website's source code. If you do not write the meta titles and descriptions, then the search engine will scan the page and display whatever content seems relevant. This is not advisable.

As a small business owner or beginner, you will make a lot of mistakes while creating a website. To reduce the likelihood of a click and avoid to increase the bounce rate, here are some of the tips listed by us, a Guaranteed SEO company in India and it will be easy for you if you follow these steps in an effective manner:

1. Identify your Unique Selling Point – According to a Good SEO Company in India; you better know yourself and your business and pinout what makes your business unique and different from others. By outlooking this, you are wasting your marketing efforts.

2. Call to action – When you introduce your business or services to the user, it is also important to give your contact number, email address, or the office address. If the user wants to connect with you, they can easily contact you ask their queries. Once you have determined the valuable action, send out an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response. There are different word combinations that you can use in your Call-to-action such as Get Free Estimate// Request Free Quote// Call Us Now// Contact Us Today. Incorporating a short call-to-action in your meta description is the best way to boost your click-through rate, and it allows you to outrank your competitors.

3. Match the title and description in your content – Google is very strict to find out any misleading meta descriptions and can also penalize sites that perform this activity. According to a Google SEO company in India, your title and description must match, and if you do not do so, the content on the page will result in an increased bounce rate if they do not find relevant content on your website. Always remember, the user will visit your site with an expectation to find informative content that can help them with their problem or concern. Make sure to provide the right information in meta title and meta description.

4. Insert relevant keywords – Each landing page on the website must focus on one primary keyword. As a guaranteed SEO company in India we think that one of the most common and biggest mistakes most of the SEO professionals do is that they insert every keyword on the page’s title and description; this is not recommended. Always add the keyword at the beginning of the meta title so that when the SERP reduces the title length, your title will display the most relevant part.

5. Keep it concise – Meta titles must be short and relevant, and Google only displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag. According to research, you can expect about 90% of your titles to display effectively if you use meta titles under 60 characters. On the other hand, the meta description should be between 150-160 characters. Google has changed the length, and nowadays, most business marketers use 155 characters in their meta description.

6. Make sure they are different – If you want to outrank your competitors, you need to be different from them, and you must write unique meta descriptions. If you write copied content, all the results on the SERPs will look the same. You should provide something unique that makes the user click on your website. If you find it hard to write unique meta descriptions, start with the pages that the users most visited and leave the descriptions blank for the lower priority pages. In this way, Google will pick a snippet from the page that contains the keyword used in the query, meaning that the description should still be relevant.

So, these were some of the things to consider while writing meta titles and descriptions. Well-written metadata gives search engines information about your content, and you must provide relevant information to your users.

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