Impact of App Store Optimization on an app’s visibility

Impact of App Search Optimization Services On Enhancing Your App’s Visibility

App search optimization is a technique used to enhance the visibility of your mobile app on the various app stores, just like Search Engine Optimization does for your websites. Businesses use App Store Optimization service to boost the position of the mobile apps on major app stores like Goggle Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS, and Windows Store for Windows phone. As a result, your business app would rank higher on the app search through these services, multiplying the chances of an increased number of downloads. 

According to a study, 63% of apps are discovered through ASO, making it even more essential for businesses to consider these specialized services. In addition, the App Search Optimization services help you gain loyal users for the apps that increase the apps downloads and visibility.

Why Do Businesses Use App Store Optimization Services?

Businesses hire the best App Search Optimization company in India for various reasons. Let’s take a look at these motives in detail:

Organic Downloads

The best App Search Optimization service help bring loyal users to the apps and promote organic downloads. As a result, the businesses grow and the brand gets better recognition. 

Improved Visibility

Like Search Engine Optimization improves the ranking of a website on various search engines, App Search Optimization improves the visibility of the app on different app stores. Improved visibility results in improved performance of the app in comparison to other competitive businesses in the same line. 

User Acquisition Cost

The App Search Optimization service decreases the user acquisition cost, boosting the profit for the businesses and letting the business app reach maximum customer in minimum time. 

More Profit

Reduction in user acquisition cost results in more profits for the business. As the business app reaches more and more users, the number of downloads also increases. As a result, the customers get acquainted with the products and services sold by a certain app, increasing the profits for the business. 

What Makes Our App Store Optimization Service Unique?

App Store Optimization Service

If you are searching for the best App Search Optimization service in Noida, you have landed at the right place. We at Digi Markets work according to the changing rule of the market to bring optimum results for our clients. We provide the most sorted App Search Optimization service, getting noticeable results for the clients. We work step by step to make the business’ app rank higher in the App Store market. This is how we work to change your app’s visibility:

In-Depth Keyword Research

We focus on in-depth keyword research to bring the best results for our clients. Gone are the times when marketers stuffed keywords with the aim to make the app rank highest in app stores. With the increase in competition and changing rules of the market, it is important to do a complete keyword research to attract more users. 

Video Production

Videos convey the messages efficiently. Having said that, we produce the most creative videos that explain your app powerfully. 


We also localize the keywords to make your app get better visibility across the globe. Keeping your targeted users in mind, we draft keywords that have greater scope of making your app rank better. Our experts perform intelligent keyword research to bring the best outcome. 

Paid Marketing

We at Digi markets know the digital marketing in and out. Besides, working on App Store Optimization service through keyword ranking, we also do paid promotions to promote your business app on different platforms. We create ads featuring your business app, and run those ads on Adwords, Search Ads, Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In addition, we also do SEO to boost the app on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Thus, we work on a 360 degree structure to promote your business and get sure shot result. 

Custom Reporting

We believe in maintaining transparent relationship with our clients. As a result, we keep our clients updated throughout the process so that they could witness the growth of their app step by step. In this context, we provide up to date analytics reports to our client, including Google Analytics, Keyword ranking, App installations and weekly ASO reports. 

Featured Images

We also specialize in designing featured images and creating screenshots for App Store listing. We leave no stone unturned to get your app attain a recognizable position in the App Store. 

This is how the team at Digi Markets helps gain users for your app rapidly. Our team focuses on giving enough time to the clients so that they could understand our mode of work and stay calm throughout the process. We make sure we deliver continuous updates as this helps our clients stay loyal to our services and also makes our relationship with the clients stronger. 

We start by understanding the audience for your app, and then work on getting their attention through injecting relative keywords and using the right medium for paid promotions. We understand the value of our client’s hard earned money; thus, we deliver services that are worth your time, efforts and resources. 

Our dedication makes us the most renowned App Search Optimization company in India, where the professionals leave no stone unturned in providing positive results to the clients in minimum time. However, no mobile application can turn to a sensation overnight, the process takes time. We totally understand that time is money that’s why we promise results in minimum time.

Our services not just increase the visibility of your app but we put in all our expertise to boost the conversion rates, which means we promote the number of downloads for your app too. Besides, we work on getting organic downloads for your app, to bring the users that are real and beneficial for your business. At Digi markets, we work round-the-clock to make your dreams come true.