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Influencer Marketing: The Booming Trend In The Digital Marketing World

The world today has moved to digital platforms, where a lot of entities have become influencers through their viral content and popularity. Marketing and advertisement have also changed their directions to inject the message into the targeted customer and audiences effortlessly. The rise in social media marketing has also introduced influencer marketing. So, let’s know about Influencer Marketing services and how it is changing in the digital market lately. 

What is Influencer Marketing?

As the name suggests, Influencer Marketing is a type of social media marketing, where influencers advertise products and services while talking about their experiences on the same. An influencer can be an individual, a group of people, or even an organization. They talk about various products/services and their benefits, attracting the probable customers towards their statements. Influencers on social media have a certain impact in their field, and through this influence they attract the attention of other active social media users. 

Influencer Marketing is growing massively, owing to its benefits. Let’s us take a detailed look at Influencer Marketing benefits

Increases Sales

According to a survey conducted by Mediakix, for every $1 spent on sending a message to the probable customers through influencers, the company earns $18, which may vary from one brand to the other. 

Similarly, according to the result of a study done by the DMI blog, over 49% of viewers turned into customers and bought a product after influencers’ referrals. In this line, brands today also provide discounts through referral codes exclusively allotted to a particular influencer, which helps the brands find out the source of a particular customer. 

Increases Brand Awareness

Surprisingly, among the 50 most followed influencers on Instagram, some have more than 2.5 billion followers. Reaching such a large group of people through a single medium is rare, and that is why Influencer Marketing campaigns have got all the attention. 

In this line, if you approach an influencer whose niche matches your product/service, you’ll be able to reach millions of potential customers in one go. It is a kind of word-of-mouth publicity, and that’s how the message becomes even more authentic. 

Besides, influencers also make the campaign look more genuine, engaging, and realistic. They also add their style to the message, which attracts the attention of the potential customers towards your brand. 

Amplifies Content Strategy

Creating catchy content for advertisement is a daunting task, and this is why advertisement agencies charge a hefty amount. Sometimes, you might also get out of ideas to create a content that’s unique, engaging, and good enough to inject the message in the minds of the audience. 

This is where Influencer Marketing plays a vital role. Influencers convey the message, and each of them has a different style of talking that’s already popular among their followers. You don’t need to create a creative outline for such a message, as the audience is already listening to them. Therefore, the approach simplifies, and the message amplifies in the mind of the targeted audiences. 


Unlike other forms of marketing and promotions, Influencer Marketing is cost-efficient. An influencer's fee is comparatively lesser than buying space for a big hoarding or getting an advertisement created by an agency. 

It is a whole new opportunity for businesses. The cost usually depends on the size of the audience plus the reach of a particular person, group of persons or organization's social media followers. In addition, brands also contact influencers by agreeing on a barter deal where influencers talk about the product or service in return for the products offered to them free of cost. 


Influencers can be broadly categorized into micro-influencers and big-influencers. Micro-influencers have a good amount of fan following on social media, but it is comparatively lesser than the big ones. For instance, an influencer with 20k to 30k followers can also be contacted for advertising products and services by businesses with a small budget. Such advertisers can also agree on a barter deal like the business providing them with their products free of cost, and the influencers talking about the benefits in return. In contrast, big influencers, like celebrities, charge a hefty amount, but their testimony about your products and services leaves a larger impact on the audiences bringing better returns. 

Therefore, Influencer Marketing services are quite versatile, and you can use this means for all kinds of products and services, depending on the business’ advertisement budget.

Saves Time

For other advertising campaigns, you need to spend your day and night getting the copy written, hiring  professionals, designing the advertisement and then finding the right means to reach to your potential customers. However, in Influencer Marketing, you just need to rely on the response that’s already active on the social media page of the person you hire. 

So, this form of advertisement saves a lot of time, and cuts down the process. In some cases, you don’t even have to guide the influencers on how they need to talk regarding your product. Their personality is already so interesting, that your brand’s message becomes entertaining effortlessly. 

This is how the Influencer Marketing services has changed the way we look at different product and services today. A large part of people spend 80% of their leisure time on social media, and this is the place where people share their issues, requirements, problems, and also search for their solution. 

Influencer Marketing Services

To quote an example, the Indian Government choose Amitabh Bachchan to talk about Polio in India and spread awareness regarding the polio drops campaign - Pulse Polio using his enchanting personality that had already made a place in everyone’s heart. As a result, the Polio Drop campaign became a mega hit, and the country managed to fight this disease to get rid of it completely. Amitabh Bachchan was a big name by then, and the Government used his influence to get people’s attention. Similarly, brands today have become smart, and using an influencer based on the budget of the businesses is providing a great advertisement opportunity. If you are looking for Influencer Marketing services that can effectively build your brand’s online presence, get in touch with us!