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Succeed in Digital Marketing with These 5 Practices

Succeed in Digital Marketing with These 5 Practices

  • 76% of online marketers suggest that digital marketing has progressed unexpectedly in the last 2 years.
  • Mobile marketing used to be the new trend, but now it is mandatory. It is not only important to meet user expectations, it is also required that you upsell and deliver outstanding results.
  • 85% of mobile digital marketers are sure of a positive experience for their customers. However, 53% of users do not agree with them. Marketers are required to keep up with trends and experience enhancing tools.

“Change is the only constant” and this is also the case in digital marketing techniques, methods of practice, standard rules and performance metrics. One of the best development that proves this is Voice Search. 60% of searchers are now using voice search to find what they need on Google. The percentage of type search has reduced from 10 to 8.5 in the last two years.

Here are some of the factors that digital marketing success depends on:

1. Visual Storytelling: This is the new choice of content marketers. Platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are doing incredibly well because of their concept of visual storytelling. 70% of digital marketing specialists across the globe agree that infographics and content related images attract more attention than the usual written content, no matter how interesting it might be. Visual marketing also involves videos. YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the world. The reason for this is people prefer watching videos over reading content.

2. Mobile marketing: These days most of the best brands have a mobile app of their own. Along with having a full functional mobile app, they ensure that the mobile view of their website is responsive and offers users a great experience without having to download their app. The objective is to gain more visitors and retain the existing ones by offering an updated and enhanced user-experience.

It is sensible to put 50% of your marketing budget into mobile-marketing. Making it location-based advertising might be a better idea, as it is estimated that the mobile ad spend is going to grow from $12.4B to 32.4B by 2021.

3. Email Marketing: This is a major practice that we assume is not going to go out of trend anytime soon. The best word that defines this form of marketing is ‘effective. Surveys show that the best time to send emails is between 4pm and 8pm. Email campaigns that are segmented have a higher rate of performing than non-segmented.

A productive email campaign can give you an ROI of $32 for every $1 spent. Small and medium-sized businesses rely on email marketing. A welcome email gets a response of 81% imagine what a genuine discount or sale email can result in.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO has always been the very first thing that a website needs to implement right after launch. Your website, and mobile site need to be optimized according to the standards of search engines so that you could be found organically online. Integrate long-term strategies.

90% of searchers do not go to the second page of Google for answers to their question. Zero-click searches is the new trend on Google. People are getting the answers to their questions on the first page itself and they do not need to click to go the website for answers. An SEO expert would know exactly how to keep up with these marketing trends and Google algorithms. Same goes for other search engines such as Yahoo Search, Baidu, Bing, etc.

5. Social Media Marketing: This is where you connect with your potential and existing customers. You can create a customer persona for each customer to have a better pitch of sale for them. Customers show greater interest in you when you show interest in them instead of simply pitching them for a sale and going on with your marketing strategy. You need engagement to be noticed, and customer engagement comes from interactions, discussions, polls, etc.

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