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This New Look of Google Search Results Will Help Your Website

This New Look of Google Search Results Will Help Your Website

In May 2019, Google announced the new look of its search results. According to the announcement, it will first come to mobile and will include both web searches and searches on the Google app. It will be a massive change and will affect the overall search results.

The new look of Google search results includes a unique presentation of text ads and organic listing and brings some branding to the search results. As a leading SEO and digital marketing agency in Noida, we have experienced many benefits on our website. According to Google, the new design allows them to add more action buttons and helpful previews. The new structure will prepare the mobile search for more content and actions for users to take while still searching for results.

Google has also announced some of its plans for new search features, including AR in search results, better news coverage, and podcast search support. It will also offer users links to listen right in the search results pages and options to save the podcast for later.

What Are Some New Features Introduced in the Update?

Google names the new update a "visual refresh" as the fundamental features coming with it are mostly visual elements.


As a reputable SEO and digital marketing agency in Noida, we have experienced the new design displays the site's favicon/logo. A website's branding can be highlighted, identifying where the information is coming from and which pages consist of valuable information. With the refresh, the source for the search result seems on top and covers the site's own icon."

To get your site's favicon displayed on an organic listing, first ensure that your site has a favicon. Your favicon must be a multiple of 48px, like: 48x48px, 96x96px, 144x144px, and so on. To do this, you can hire the top SEO and digital marketing agency in Noida. Once you have it set up, the next time Google crawls your homepage, it will pick it up and show it in the search results.

Website's name

You will also notice that the site name and breadcrumbs appear in the black text next to the favicon. According to Google, "the website's name and its icon appear at the top of the results card to help anchor each result." Before the new design, the name of the website and breadcrumbs were represented in green text below the title in smaller font, and there were no icons.

No more gray line

Google has removed the gray line that is displayed below the organic titles and ad headlines. It gives each card a more attractive look than ever before.

Black "Ad" label

Another feature is Google's new black "ad" label. As a leading SEO and digital marketing agency in Noida, we have noticed that Google is experimenting with a black and label for several months. This type of ad display is officially here with the new search results page design.

The last time Google switched its design was in February 2017, when they went with a green outline ad label. The label appears at the top of the ad with the ad URL, which is also in black text. It is now appearing over the ad title for the first time.

Google provides a relevant ad; when you search something, you will see a bolded ad design on the top adjacent to the web address so you can instantly change identity where the information is coming from."

What are the benefits of the new Google search results design?

In the beginning, many small business owners will face some problems to market their business. The drop in organic search results over the past few months doesn't help either. It doesn't mean that SEO is dead. However, it is still important to hire an SEO and digital marketing agency in Noida for business owners to reach more customers better.

The new Google update also includes featured snippets. You want your snippets to be fulfilling enough for the user but also tease them to keep reading. The more targeted your information is, the more likely it will be pulled by Google in the SERPs. It also means using more local citations to increase how visible you are on Google. More people will have their locations active when Googling, and it benefits if your content shows up with where they are.

Another thing is that the new update will enable Google to display more forms of content in the search results, including videos, 3D objects, hi-resolution images, and the types of actions it lets right from the search results.

Additionally, with blended ads, you want your favicon to stand out more. While using your current logo works well, you should think of every possible way to improve it. Having a favicon stand out against the bolded kind of ads can help identify your page from ads.

Possibilities are your typical user won't realize too much has changed. But as Google tweaked its search layout, you might need to tweak your own strategy to stand out from the crowd.

While testing the new design, Google discovered that most users found it easier to identify websites, and more than two-thirds of the respondents said it was easier to scan results more quickly. As a leading SEO and digital marketing agency in Noida, we keep an eye on every possible potential impact on your search display and traffic from Google as this update rolls out.

How will Digi-Markets help with the new Google Search Layout?

Digi-Markets is a reputable SEO and digital marketing agency in Noida, which serves clients of different industries. We can help your business grow, especially in the continuously changing digital marketing module, and our strategies will benefit your business in the long run. Talk to our expert today, and get the best services from the top SEO and digital marketing agency in Noida.

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