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What are Some Costly Instagram Mistakes to Avoid

What are Some Costly Instagram Mistakes to Avoid?

There are some of the most common mistakes that many businesses and people make on their Instagram without realizing it. Many businesses spend a lot of time creating their brand awareness and these mistakes ruin everything. Many businesses prefer online marketing because social media marketing rates are less than offline marketing. If you have planned to do business online, then there should a proper strategy to be made to avoid mistakes.

So, if you are wondering about the bad results, it is just because you have anticipated in your Instagram marketing campaigns. It is high time to review your Instagram strategy and make sure that you are not making any mistake that can harm your results.

You need to know what are those mistakes. Let’s discuss those mistakes and we will discuss how to do things correctly so that you get the accurate results that you deserve in your Instagram marketing.

1. Posting Low-Quality Content – We are an SMO agency in Noida and we believe that “Content is the king.”. It is true and people are always drawn to valuable content. If there is high competition in your industry you can outrank your competitors by providing high-quality content to your audience. By providing high-quality content, you will get more followers because great content attracts people. You can offer high-quality content in many ways:

  • Writing Good content that can be helpful for the readers.
  • Posting informational photos and videos.
  • Offering a service that is helpful for your audience.

Make sure to avoid Instagram content mistakes such as:

  • Posting content that is not relevant and is not engaging.
  • Posting blurred photos.
  • Posting too much personal content.
  • Posting content that is too promotional. This will result in losing some of your followers before you know it.

Here are some of the content tips to practice:

  • Consider the background of the photos carefully.
  • Consider having a theme for your photos.
  • Use a digital camera or a phone camera to take your shots.
  • Edit before posting the photos.

2. Using an Unattractive Bio – An Instagram bio is a small area in which you can share some details about yourself or about your brand. It includes self or brand description, hashtags, contact information, and more. Your bio is the first thing that visitors see when they visit your profile. So, you should make a good first impression to attract users. Your profile picture should be awesome. Don’t use blurry images.

3. According to a social media marketing company in Noida, you can use “#” or “@” in your bio which will automatically become a clickable link that will lead visitors to either a hashtag or another profile. Also, you can use this in your Instagram business profile or share your brand or product name by mentioning your company’s Instagram username.

4. Misuse of Hashtags – Hashtags are used to increase followers and engagement and also allows more people to discover your content. Many companies that do social media marketing in Noida, use hashtags so that it can reach out to as many users as possible. Only thirty hashtags are allowed for each post. You can use all thirty hashtags only if necessary. Many people make it a habit of using more hashtags than necessary.

Instagram has started penalizing the users who use many hashtags in their posts by “Shadowbanning” them.

Your content won’t appear in the hashtag search results or on anyone’s feed unless they already follow you. Also, be careful when using hashtags by not using the same hashtag over and over again.

5. Plagiarism – You should be responsible enough to give credits to those of whom you have shared the content. As an SMO agency in Noida we think that plagiarised content makes your brand appear unoriginal. It seems like you don’t have any meaningful content to post and you copy other brands. Post original content and you will definitely find people who love your brand and follow you for who you are.

6. Keeping your account private – If you are marketing on Instagram, you should never put your account on private. Mostly people prefer to view the content before they decide to follow you, to make sure it is a content that they actually want to see on their news feed. If the users can’t see what you have posted on your profile, they can’t trust your brand and they may not follow you. By setting your account to private, you will be limiting your reach and losing potential followers by “Privatizing” your account.

7. Being Inconsistent with Your Post – Many users only post once in a while and it is okay when you are using it for fun, but when your aim is to grow your business through Instagram, you need to be consistent. Having a posting schedule is a priority. As a reputable social media marketing company in Noida we can say that you need to figure out when most of your target audience is active.

If you post regularly, then the Instagram algorithm is going to favor your content. Develop a level of consistency that makes your brand easy to identify and communicate with users.

8. No engagement with your community – Engagement enables you to connect more with your followers, build relationships with them, and eventually get them to take action, like buying from you. You should utilize every opportunity to engage your audience. The major ways to increase more engagement on Instagram include:

  • Encouraging people to like and share
  • Encouraging people to comment
  • Responding to comments
  • Regularly sharing sure-to-attract content like photos, videos, infographics, etc.

On building engagement with your content, statistics reveal that videos are more preferred by users to build better engagement. When compared to photos, videos combine visual, sound, and motion to gain more attraction. Since people prefer to a visually interesting post, they tend to connect more with videos.

Thanks for reading!