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What is a Pillar Page and How It is Effective in SEO and Content Marketing

What is a Pillar Page and How It is Effective in SEO and Content Marketing?

It is important to convert your visitors into leads and it can be done by bringing them to read relevant content on your website that offers a great user experience. To solve for both, create targeted clusters of relevant, in-depth content. These targeted clusters should connect to a centralized hub which is known as a pillar page.

A pillar page is also known as a content pillar or power page that covers the full topic in-depth and links to the website of related content. Many companies that offer SEO and paid marketing services in Noida only focus on creating an effective pillar page so as to gain as much traffic as possible, and well, they are doing the right thing.

Pillar pages are longer than blogs because they cover all the important services or products that you are trying to rank for, but they aren’t as in-depth as the individual service pages.

What are Pillar Pages?

Pillar pages are the new best way to get noticed for content marketers even if they are not using serious SEO techniques. Common types of pillar pages include essential guides, 101-style explanations, and ebook style pages.

As we are the best-paid marketing company in Noida, our experts start a pillar with one core topic and then they research subtopics to create an outline. Once the pillar page is created successfully and it is converting visitors into leads, we learn more about a particular topic to write blogs and another type of content, called sub-pillars, that promote and drive traffic to the pillar page.

How to Create Effective Pillar Pages?

To create an effective pillar page that drives traffic, you need to stop thinking about your website in terms of ‘keywords’ only. Think about the service or product that you want to rank for, then identify the keywords related to your topic. As we are the best content marketing company in Noida, we will advise you to choose those topics that are broad enough so that it can generate more related blog posts that will serve as a cluster content, but the topic should not be so broad that it covers the entire topic on a single pillar page.

Pillar pages should be created in such a way that it can answer any question or query that a user is looking for. If they click on your pillar page to get the answer, it will link out to more specific pieces of cluster content which are hyperlinked on the pillar page. The way people search for their queries on Google has been changed.

SEO managers and bloggers have to create content in a way that a user gets the information about what they are searching for.

We are one of the best Content marketing company in Noida and with over 5 years of experience, we have noticed that most people search for four words or more online. Long-phrases search helps the user to find the exact and relevant information what they want. Voice search plays a huge role in increasing the demand for searches of four words or more.

According to a study, more than 20% of mobile Google searches are conducted via voice search, and with the help of Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, this percentage is increasing.

Google is rapidly changing its algorithm to provide the best answers to users. Some of these changes include penalizing too many irrelevant internal links, using machine-learning to serve-up more accurate answers of a specific term, and interpreting conversational queries as an entire thought instead of individual keywords.

As a reputed paid marketing company in Noida, we have listed some of the best practices of pillar pages that will help you to get traffic on your website:

  • Include the core topic in your page title, page URL, and H1 tag.
  • Include good videos and photos, bulleted lists, anchor links, and other features that make your content effective.
  • Write at least 5000 words.
  • Keep your pillar pages on the top level of the website for the best organic traffic reach.
  • Set up your pillar page to change over without locking the genuine page content behind a structure.
  • Add to your pillar constantly, as information evolves, to keep it fresh and relevant for search engines.
  • Include inbound links by promoting your pillar on other websites with supporting content and guest posts.

What are Some Advantages of Pillar Pages?

1. Faster Content Creation – With the help of pillar pages, you can create content easily when working on topic clusters and pillar pages from scratch. As we are a leading content marketing company in Noida, we are able to produce 15-20 high-quality posts in 12 to 18 hours and this content can be promoted over 12-18 weeks and sometimes even more.

2. Easier Communication and Reporting – Pillar pages make content campaigns, their goals, and objectives easier to explain to everyone. We find it easier to explain it to our respective clients. It is a common-sense approach that is easy to understand and implement.

3. Allows Content Bringing – When someone is interested in a topic, they consume as much content information as they can on a particular subject. They want all their queries to be solved. By creating good pillar pages, you are allowing them to do that with the content that you have created on your website.

4. Provides a Content Roadmap for Your Team – Content for the topics can be created later and linked to the pillar page or even added to the page and content offer.

5. Improved Content Quality – To cover a topic, you have to understand the gap analysis, and accordingly create content that is required to fill the gaps. It will allow you to make sure that core messages are aligned throughout the content. While many companies struggle with these content development issues. For them, doing all the content at once in a focused effort that helps to make those critical quality control steps happen.

After discuss all the important aspects of the pillar page, you are now ready to write powerful pillars. With some basic knowledge of SEO, a well-researched topic cluster and 5000 written words, you can start replacing serious SEO benefits from the new search engine algorithms.

Thanks for reading!