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What is Plagiarism and How to Check for it Online

What is Plagiarism and How to Check for it Online?

You can consider your written work completed without checking for plagiarism. No matter what you write, you need to ensure your content (article, blog, assignment, etc.) must be hundred per cent unique or free from plagiarism. Whatever you write, your readers will always expect unique content from you, and it’s your responsibility to provide them with unique content. Fortunately, we have several free online plagiarism checker tools that we can use now, Duplichecker, Plagiarism Checker, etc. We use Duplichecker to check our content, and we checked for plagiarism for this blog as well on Duplichecker.

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What is Plagiarism?

In simple words, plagiarism is a bad practice, and it can be referred to as forgery. When you copy or steal someone else’s idea and use it in your article or blog, it is called plagiarism. It is a duplication of an author’s work.

Plagiarism is an Age-Old Problem

Plagiarism is not a new problem, but it has become pretty simpler than it used to be due to the advancement of technology and accessibility of the internet. Now almost everyone in the world has access the internet. Well, two people may have the same idea at a time, but the question is who presents it before the world first. Well, this is a very rare scenario, and people always have a subtle difference in ideas even if they work on the same things.

Earlier, it was quite difficult to find which content is original and which one is plagiarised, but now Google can easily recognize which content was published first and which is the copied one. Keep in mind that if you publish someone else’s content on your website, your website may be penalized.

Why One Should Not Practice Plagiarism

Suppose you posted an article on the internet, and someone copied and posted it on his website. Well, Google can easily find out which one is the plagiarised content, but people who read it won’t be able to differentiate. There is a possibility that the website where the copied work is uploaded may get more engagement than the original one’s, and you won’t even get credit for that. Stealing someone else’s content is entirely wrong, and no one should practice this bad habit. If you don’t have time to create your own content, you can contact a content marketing company to create content for you.

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What is a Plagiarism Checker?

Plagiarism checker is an online tool to detect copied work in a document, article, blog or written piece of work. A good plagiarism checker tool can easily detect and inform you about the similarities in the texts of your content with other content. Checking for plagiarism is the best habit to ensure the originality of your content.

Do You Need a Plagiarism Checker?

If you are a teacher, professor, or content writer, you need a plagiarism checker. Students often send copied assignments and other written work to their teachers or professors; in that case, a plagiarism checker can be a very useful tool for them. Content writers' work is to create unique content, so they need to check for plagiarism, and hence they require a plagiarism checking tool. If you are an online publisher or involved anyhow with writing-related work, you will require a plagiarism check to authenticate the uniqueness of content.

Even if you think your content is hundred per cent original and you don’t need to prove anything to anyone, you still need a plagiarism checker. Every day almost 4 billion blogs and other writing content are posted on the internet, so there is a huge probability that some part of an article or blog may have plagiarism. Hence, using a free plagiarism checker is necessary as long as you are involved with online content that is supposed to be original.

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The Best Plagiarism Checker

There are not so many options when it comes to finding the best free plagiarism checking tools; however, SmallSEOTools, Duplichecker, and Plagiarisma checker seem to work nicely. They have some limitations, such as you can check for plagiarism in your content for free if it contains more than a thousand words. The site may ask you to take a subscription. However, if your content has a thousand or less than a thousand word, you can check it for plagiarism on these sites entirely for free.

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