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What You Should Know About Digital Marketing in 2020

What You Should Know About Digital Marketing in 2020

Sales targets, growth targets, revenue targets, deadlines, efforts and a few other things that define your performance are; the method, the techniques and the consistency in good results. The importance of digital marketing in 2020 has rapidly increased and if you’re running a small or medium-sized business, chances are you’re going to be lagging behind in the race unless your profits hit the mark and proliferate.

So, the ultimate question, how do you reach that position in the market where you do not have to worry about cost-cutting even when the business is running low on profits? Is it going to be social media, the new trending TikTok influencer marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing or paid advertisement? All of these are important, however the best part is, you do not need to practice all of them, and you get to choose the method of marketing according to the niche of your business.

Digi Markets, as a reputable digital marketing company in India, brings to you some of the most interesting facts that you should know for effective digital marketing this year:

1. Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionary: Digital marketing had revolutionized the method of advertising and marketing, and now artificial intelligence is changing the way things worked only a couple of years ago. There are new SEO rules, improved guidelines, updated list of restrictions and so much more for the implementation of AI in the world of online marketing. Earlier, not every company offering digital marketing services in India would have been able to show a groundbreaking increase in conversion rates within a month, and now with AI, this is possible.

As a brand you can personalize marketing, advertising and improve the way you use data with AI, especially when your potential customer visits your website. As a company you will understand the behavior of your users and also be able to pitch for the right services and products to them. You are happy getting more sales and your customers are happy with their journey of navigation on your website.

2. Trust is a Huge Factor: In 2020 it is difficult to trust content on the internet and people do not easily decide to purchase new brand products or try new services on the basis of reviews and blogs. In 2020 brand awareness is not just about advertising your product but also building trust with time.

The mind of an average customer is flooded with information about what they’re looking for, and end of the day a customer succumbs to purchasing from their favorite brand. A loss in business should not stop you from keeping quality consistent and a minimum margin on your profits.

3. A Strong Strategy can Win the Game: The competition is so high that it is almost gravely discouraging. As a new brand you might be competing with extremely strong entrepreneurs in the marketing. You might have the finances but you will need the recognition to stand anywhere close to them. Digital marketing is certainly the best way to start off, and the reason why you mustn’t ignore online branding and promotion is that there is no other way for a new brand to make some place for itself in the market.

Plan your techniques before hand and prepare yourself to be struggling for a minimum of one year, and that is if you’re just starting off on your journey. Good news, we said one year, and that’s nothing in comparison to the years of struggle and hardcore marketing your established and flourishing competitors had to do when they started their business a decade ago.

4. Improvement in Content Marketing Strategy: The main reason why people hire us for our digital marketing services in India is the updated strategy of work. What you need is high-quality fresh content posted on excellent websites on a regular basis. You need consistency in interacting with your potential customers, you need to increase followers, likes, shares and most importantly, you need productive leads.

Good content that not only promotes your services or products but also offers quality information to your readers could show you a whopping increase in website traffic overnight.

5. Video Marketing is the Next Big Thing: HubSpot’s study on video marketing has been revealed that Facebook, Insta and YouTube are the mind behind popularizing video marketing to an extent that it is almost an addiction now. People love images and video content, it is more engaging, interesting and people seem to share memes and videos that are funny, informative or deliver a message.

One of the ways your brand can get more popularity is by incorporating video content in the content marketing strategy. Digital marketing in 2020 is all about transforming digitally with the new upgrades in technology.

We are a recognized digital marketing agency in India and we say go for Digital Marketing Now!

If you need to spend on marketing, spend it in the right way. The reason behind is the fact that the world is going Digital. People are on their phones and laptops most of the times and they hardly notice a newspaper ad or even open a newspaper for that matter. This is something you are doing too, aren’t you?

Digital marketing services in India is now the conventional marketing technique and traditional marketing is not obsolete but certainly not regarded as high as it used to be a decade ago, even for local businesses. It’s the era of shopping, studying, gaming, interacting and doing almost everything online. You’re hardly going to find people calling you in response to your billboard ad.

You are more likely to find an audience for your business on social media channels and get visitors to your website from Google. The entire process of generating leads and approaching potential customers has changed to become better in terms of reach and lesser in terms of cost to the company. So yes, digital marketing in 2020 is required.

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