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Why is Blogging Considered to be the Most Important Part of Digital Marketing

Why is Blogging Considered to be the Most Important Part of Digital Marketing?

Do you know each month, approx. 408 million people view more than 20 billion pages. Also, about 70 million posts are being published each month by WordPress users? These stats state that blogging is a crucial part of digital marketing. It helps in many ways that include:

SEO and Traffic – If you are availing the best SEO services in Noida, then you probably know that the professionals are working to rank your website most effectively. In many cases, the client is not aware of your business.

For example, if your company name is ABC technologies. and you sell watches, then your client will search “best watches for sale” instead of “ABC Technologies”.

The more consistent a person blogs the more frequent the search engine spiders will come to crawl the website. As an SEO company in Noida, we suggest that by posting regular high-quality content on your website with appropriate keywords, you will acquire a higher page rank with search engines.

Lead Generation, Nurturing, and Conversion – When your website is getting a good amount of traffic, be sure to deliver informative and relevant content so that they find what they are searching for. As a content marketing company in Noida, we believe, as visitors come back again and again to read your blogs, you are building a relationship with those leads, nurturing them through their customer journey.

Insight into Your Audience – As one of the best content marketing company in Noida, we can vouch for blogs. Blogging helps you to develop your skills by coming up with new topics that you think can attract your audience. When you are writing a good business blog, you are constantly asking yourself what your readers want to know, and how to move the readers to take action. Capturing analytics for your blog says a lot about web visitors, what they feel and think.

What is the Purpose of Blogging?

1. SEO and Search Traffic – You may not think it is crucial but search engines do.

2. Subject Matter Expert – Having a consistent blog article especially around the market and specific product will make you the authority in your space.

3. Lead Generation – Blogs have proven to help generate more leads and move potential clients down the sales pipeline faster.

How to scale your content marketing strategy?

1. Create an initial content marketing strategy – You need to create a strong and effective content marketing strategy to achieve good results. You should write your content in such a way that it can help your readers to make a final decision. Creating effective content is one of the best ways to remain relevant for long.

2. Convince higher-ups to increase the budget – As our social media marketing rates are less as compared to traditional marketing. More resources can help you reach your business’s sales and marketing goals more quickly. Be proactive and prepare your research for this conversation with co-workers, building trust, and support among the people you work with is important as creating an effective content marketing strategy.

3. Establish a content production plan – Everyone in your team should know who’s responsible for content creation and what are their responsibilities. One of the best social media marketing tips is that you have to decide which one your audiences would benefit from your content and if your team is capable of producing good quality write-ups.

4. Find expert writers – If you have decided to hire an in-house team or freelancers, make sure that they can produce the content in such a way that attracts new customers. You need to invest in training and educational resources for an in-house team to develop their knowledge of topics. Also, you can outsource your content needs to writers who have experience in your niche.

5. Conduct meetings with your content production team – By doing this, your team will brainstorm new ideas, refine your brand voice, discuss content production strategies, and can identify what can be improved upon with current content and which strategy will work well.

6. Recycle content – We, as a content marketing company in Noida advise you that you must keep updating your existing blogs to attract new customers. For example, you can map out a blog post series to serve as chapters of next month’s ebook, write out a blog post based on one section of an infographic that you have created, and publish a video transcript and commentary as its blog post.

7. Keep track of your business performance – You can create monthly, quarterly, and annual KPIs to aim for. Every day and week, use Google Analytics to check for any inconsistent drops in traffic and examine the causes for them, and any content campaigns or projects.

8. Encourage community involvement – You don’t have to limit yourself to content created by your employees or contracted writers. For example, a company with dental aligners has assigned its result page to customer success stories posted on their social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In this way, inviting users to be a part of content creating makes it easier for your in-house team. It can also add a sense of authenticity to what you post on your social media platforms.

As one of the best content marketing company in Noida we suggest that you will be at a great disadvantage if you choose not to scale your content marketing strategy. Also, content marketing can generate three times more leads than traditional marketing. Always keep in mind that marketing is constantly changing because of the modern tools and techniques and you need to develop some important skills to survive in your competitive industry.

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