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These Are The Marketing Strategies To Effectively Use Pinterest For Your Business

These Are The Marketing Strategies To Effectively Use Pinterest For Your Business

The advent of the Pinterest platform to find inspiration or pinspiration has been immense. Today, people go directly to the Pinterest app to find everything new or trendy in the market. A platform with around 250 million users, isn’t it imperative for a business to use such a platform for marketing their brand? Pinterest has literally everything, housing tons of images and links for all that a user might look for.

Before learning about the marketing strategies that work the best on Pinterest, let’s know more about Pinterest as a platform.

What is Pinterest?

The main idea behind Pinterest is that it lets the user share their interest with each other. Once you make an account on the application, you can share content by pinning your chosen content and create a board to keep all your interests organized. If you keep your pin public, others can see your interests and re-pin your content. Just like Instagram, you can make your account personal or business. A business account will give you access to Pinterest analytics and the option to run Pinterest ads which makes the platform perfect for businesses looking to build an online presence.

What Makes Pinterest a Great Platform for Marketing?

Pinterest has a robust global footprint and ranks ahead of Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Snapchat. As Pinterest’s concept is very unique, it attracts a lot of users every year and did you know Pinterest is the only social media platform that offers visual search? Apart from inspiring millions of people, Pinterest also helps boost brand exposure as pinners are very likely to find new products on Pinterest.

Listed below are some of the essential terms that a Social Media Marketing Company must know before carving out marketing strategies to use Pinterest effectively


A pin is the primary type of post on Pinterest. It includes images, video, text or links.

Rich Pins

Rich pins are those which have more information than a usual pin. It would include price information and install buttons. Rich pins are ideal if you want to provide every single detail of a product.

Promoted Pins

As the name suggests, promoted pins are regular pins that companies have paid to promote. These pins will appear on the feed page and include a promoted label. Promoted pins are a part of Pinterest ad options.


Boards are used to organize all your interests related to a particular theme or topic. There are like mood boards or a digital analog of what interests you. There are group boards as well, in which more than one person can add content. Usually, group boards have less than five members.

Pinterest Lens

Pinterest lens work like Shazam. The only difference is that the latter is used for searching music, the former is used for image recognition. It’s a camera tool that lets a user take a picture and find related content on the application.

Marketing Strategies To Use Pinterest Effectively For Your Business

Build a community

The best way to use Pinterest is to create group boards and also join other relevant communities to know what’s trending in the market. Building a community will help you market your product to a wider audience, and if word of mouth works, the community can become bigger and better. By joining other communities, you can promote your business and, at the same time, learn about what others are doing; after all, it’s quite vital to know what your competitors are doing.

Drive your target audience to your website

Many social media platforms like Instagram wants the user to remain on their website rather than diverting their attention to your website, but Pinterest has no such algorithm so you can link your content to your own website to redirect the traffic to your website. This is quite a powerful marketing tool that you must use to boost online sales.

Use Creative images and videos to attract customers

Images and videos always attract more users; it’s like a tried and tested method. You have to be clever by creating images and videos and making sure that they are unique in some or another way. For example, you can make a video that demonstrates product usage, or create 30-90 seconds short videos, or make clear infographics (with less info and more graphics)

Keywords are important

Every Social Media Marketing Company agrees on the importance of keywords in marketing. Using the right keywords will help your brand reach out to more pinners. Some locations where you must put your keywords are pin descriptions, board titles, bio and profile and image-alt-text.

Pin consistently and plan your content beforehand

The algorithm of Pinterest works best if you pin something once per day. In order to pin regularly, you have to plan and strategize your content beforehand so that your brand gets the maximum exposure and customer engagement. You can take the help of social media scheduling tools to plan and schedule your content.

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