Explained: Google Play Store And App Store's Ranking Factor

What Are Google Play Store And App Store's Ranking Factors?

If you are an app developer or have an app for your company, understanding the ranking factor of Google Play Store and App Store is of paramount importance. Once you are well aware of the functionalities of these two, you can work towards making your app successful. But the first question that arises here is “What actually is Google Play Store or App Store’s Ranking Factor?” Well, to explain it to you in simple words, it is the rating of the app as well as the reviews from users that are taken into consideration while ranking your app on the Google Play Store or App Store. If your ratings and reviews are good, your app will rank higher as compared to others. Apart from that, Google also uses the feedback of users and looks for keywords from there. 

If your app is not doing too well, you can always go for an App Store Optimization service that can help your app get a better ranking. You can also use App Store Optimization best practices to make it perform well. In this article, you will find some tips and tricks for App Search Optimization that can help improve your ranking immensely. 

Factors That Impact The Search Traffic Volume On The App Store Or Google Play Store 

First of all, you must note that the factors that affect ranking on the App Store might be slightly different from the factors that affect the ranking on the Google Play Store. It is possible that your app performs very well on the App Store while it performs badly on Google. So, let us check the affecting factors for both one by one. 

Following are the things you must keep in mind when launching your app on the Google Play Store:


  • App Title: If you succeed in making a good app title, half of your work is already done. You must look for a title that is searchable. It is understandable that if you already have a business, the app would be of the same name. However, in that case, you can tweak it a little bit to make it more searchable. For example, WhatsApp Messenger or Telegram Messenger. They use the keywords Messenger that highlights its usage and helps users find it easily when they search. 

  • App Description: Your description must be crisp and comprehensive enough so that the users understand the usage of the app easily. It should not impersonate another business, brand, or app. Also, make sure that there are no grammatical errors in the description and that you use keywords to help enhance the search. You can also create a promo text which is a summary of your description in one line. This helps you grab the attention of your users without making them go through the entire description. 

  • Promo Text: Promo Text is essentially a field of 170 characters that appears on the top of an app description. This text can be updated whenever you want when submitting new versions of an app. It is noteworthy that promo text does not really impact the keyword rankings of App Store Optimization but if you write it well, it can go a long way to enhancing your conversion rate. 

  • Relevant Keywords: Keywords are of paramount importance when it comes to launching your app on the Google Play Store. Strategically used keywords can increase your search traffic volume by leaps and bounds. Hence, it is a good idea to use long-tail keywords and conduct proper keyword research in order to make your app rank on the Google Play Store without much effort. 

Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Ranking On The App Store

With over two million apps on the App Store, it's now important than ever for your app to stand out. Why, you ask? This is because more than half of all users use an App Store search to get to the desired app before downloading it. To stand out, you can use paid campaigns, ads, affiliate campaigns, or social media promotions. This allows you to achieve the necessary hype about your newly launched mobile app. But not everyone has the budget for it. If this is the case, of course, you can always use the organic method.

This last method is used by 98% of those who launch an application. App Store Optimization (ASO) plays an important role in this regard to ensure that your app performs better in the App Store rankings organically. We all know how important keywords are to Google. You can literally add keywords to your app description and title to make your app relevant to a certain search query. These will then be included in the Google Play Store ranking. Playing with keywords, on the other hand, is limited to the App Store. You only have 100 words of space for this. The keywords you use elsewhere are probably a waste of space on the App Store.

Once you've selected a focus keyword, you can use a tool, for example, to generate suggestions for other keywords. Next, you can prepare an analysis of the competition. Once you've selected the strongest, most relevant keywords to target, use our two tips below. This allows you to make better use of the little keywords you can play around with on the App Store.

  • Keep keywords short and don't write numbers in full when necessary to save the word count.

  • Use a comma instead of a space to separate keywords.


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