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What are Some Effective Paid Marketing Strategies for Start-up Companies

What are Some Effective Paid Marketing Strategies for Start-up Companies?

As a new owner of a business, don’t expect that you will get a lot of traffic on your website and you will earn a lot of profit. Paid marketing is only used when you want quick and relevant results. Use it effectively and you will get the best conversions for your efforts.

With the help of the providers of the best paid marketing services in Noida, you will be able to sell almost anything quickly using paid channels. Many business owners believe that PPC marketing is the future of digital marketing. It is one of the things that has completely changed the way companies market their products to their audiences.

Paid marketing is divided into social and search marketing, and they both are different and have their own format of the advertisement. When you place your ads on a search engine, it is known as search engine marketing, whereas advertising on social media is social media marketing. When you do it on other websites, it is known as display marketing, sponsored posts, and native advertising.

Recommended as the best paid marketing company in Noida by some of our clients, we have over 5 years of experience in PPC and social media paid marketing, and we believe that social media marketing is most effective if you have a product-based business. Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, and Instagram ads are widely used by B2C companies.

Why Should New Companies Practice PPC Marketing?

PPC advertising is known to acquire quick and relevant results. Startups can’t wait for 6 months to get good results and they have to invest in PPC ads and they have to modify their strategies if needed. We are known as a reputable PPC company in Noida, in order to know if people are interested in your business, it will take a lot of time focusing on SEO to rank for various keywords and then get conversions, you need to run paid campaigns to check whether it is working for you or not. If it seems working, modify your campaign to be on the right track.

What is SEO, SEM, and SMM?

It is a myth that SEO and SEM are the same. As an SEO company in Noida we think SEO is about optimizing your website to rank it higher organically in Google SERPs. Whereas, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is all about advertising your brand on the search engine. SEM is also known as PPC marketing.

As a reputable SEO and digital marketing agency in Noida, we can totally vouch for several great plans we have for each kind of business. We have listed some of the important points that you should consider while running paid campaigns:

  • Specific: Get sales for shirts.
  • Measurable: 1,000 shirts in $2,000 or$2 per sale.
  • Achievable: Yes, as $2 is the average conversion rate for clothes in our target market.
  • Relevant: You have to find the right audience who are interested in buying your shirts.
  • Time: you have set two months as the time to complete this target. Without setting your goals, the business will be clueless about how many sales it needs to become a profitable company.

Define Your Audience – After you have set your goals, now you have to search for the relevant audience who are interested in buying your shirt. While running paid ads, you can search for the audience by selecting pages of their competitors. For example, you can select your audience by selecting ‘Denim”, “Wrangler”, “Gucci”, etc. You can also insert keywords related to your product such as shirts, designer clothes, fashion, and many more.

Identify the Best Platform – As the best SEO firm in India, we will suggest that for product marketing, social media is the right platform. Now, you have to keep an eye on the competitors of what type of content they are posting and on which type of content audience is more engaging and on which platform. Most of business marketers use Facebook to market their products as the platform offers a wide range of audience segments. Identifying the right platform for marketing is important so that you can invest in the right platform to get good results.

Experiment A Lot – It is obvious to say but experimenting regularly will give you the complete insight of what is best for your business and what is not. According to some reports, most of the startups stop experimenting when they have found the sweet spot and can scale their avenues. On Facebook, you can target the specific person by using their interests. Now, Facebook has updated some of its guidelines and it is more difficult to target audiences based on interests. So, startup companies must experiment about how they can reach their targeted audience on the platform and you can do it by changing dynamics, age, selecting a different audience, and finding a new market.

Build a Referral Network – Most of the people make purchases based on trust and credibility, and you can take advantage of their network and get a referral. It is a two-step process. Firstly, you should deliver the top-quality results to your clients. Communicate effectively with your customers throughout the course of the transaction. Secondly, ask for feedback because transparency is a very important quality and especially for startup companies. Asking for feedback is one of the best ways to learn the personalities of clients and how they are satisfied with their results.

Assemble The Right In-house Team – To develop an effective marketing strategy, you need to hire some experienced professionals having some knowledge of their respective fields. While hiring a professional marketing team, consider the following factors: identify the roles you need to fill to achieve goals, determine whether you are hiring them on a contract basis, interview each candidate to know their skills, experience, and strengths, and conduct assessments regularly for members of your team.

The best way to experiment with the new methods are:

1. Researching – We will suggest you do complete research as it will help you to know whether a platform is relevant for your business or not. Every paid marketing platform has a free tool for researching the audience and analyzing the budget. Just as on Facebook, you can easily select the right audience and import it into your ad set with the help of a free tool. Similarly, Google ads also allows you to market your products both with relevance to the audience and the targeted keywords.

Suppose, you are starting an eCommerce business and selling products just like Amazon or Flipkart. In this case we suggest you to use the keywords that these two companies are targeting.

2. Optimizing – After you have researched the options, run the ad on your best-selected platform. In the beginning, your ad will cost a lot and you need to optimize them by testing various ad sets and campaign types just to get an insight into what is working. You also need to optimize as well as scale at the same time.

3. Scaling – Scaling means that you have accurate data available so that your money will be invested in the right manner. It is possible only when you have optimized your campaigns. As a leading PPC company in Noida, we will advise you to start with $5 per day and test it for a week or so if it is going in the right direction or not. Also, try to practice a remarketing strategy that includes those users who have previously visited your website.

4. Repeat - If you found that your strategy is working and you are getting enough conversions, then it is the time to repeat the same process with more campaigns. You can do this by running a similar campaign on the platform or move to the other platform and test the same campaign.

As the best SEO and Digital Marketing agency in Noida, we see that most of the startup companies say that we are not getting enough sales. Here, we will advise you to cross-check your paid marketing strategy. Also, we will recommend you to search for your competitor’s audience through Facebook insights and use Facebook conversion pixel for marketing your products. Keep experimenting on different platforms with a small budget until you get the best results.

There is an optimized and non-optimized strategy and we suggest you always test your campaigns for at least a month and then focus on the one that has the least cost per lead/click/conversion. You should also search for new strategies every single day. As you know, digital marketing is changing consistently, and accordingly, you need to search for new strategies in order to get good results.

Now let’s discuss some of the mistakes to avoid while running a PPC ad campaign:

Never Use Broad Match Keywords – We as the best PPC company in Noida suggest you to never use broad match keywords as they will eat up all your budget and you will not get the results that you are expecting. Here, phrase match and exact match are the best options.

No Ad Extensions – The three important ad extensions include call extensions, site link extensions, and callout extensions. Always remember to assign your ad extensions where they make sense for the ads they are serving with (account level, campaign level, ad group level).

Driving Your Audience to Irrelevant Pages – A major contributor to your quality score is your landing page. Driving to the home page when your ad is about a particular product is a bad practice and a poor experience for the users. Don’t make your searchers work too hard to find what they are looking for. It will also affect the bounce rate of your website.

No Remarketing Campaign – Adding a display remarketing campaign puts your banner ads on those websites offering display advertising space.

Improper Ad Group Setup – it can be tricky if you have a product that can be referenced by many terms but it is the best interest of your campaign to avoid grouping unrelated keywords by keeping your ad groups to a minimum.

You must practice good paid marketing strategies just like you do a regular online advertising campaign for a digital company. With time and lots of experiments, you will be able to learn the tactics of PPC marketing to increase sales quickly and easily.

Thanks for reading!