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What are Some SEO Trends that Will Matter the Most in 2021

What are Some SEO Trends that Will Matter the Most in 2021?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for business marketers, as it will help them to get visible on search engines using the right practices. It increases the website’s visibility on the Google SERPs, resulting in more organic traffic to your site.

As Voice Search, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality are coming in Digital marketing, and you need to adapt yourself according to these new techniques. So, it is essential to grab new digital marketing trends in your strategies to outrank your competitors. As a leading SEO company in Noida, we recommend adopting new tools and technologies in your marketing strategy to get good results.

Now, let’s discuss some of SEO trends that will matter the most in 2021

Search Intent and Code Optimization

In today’s world, it is not enough to put keywords in your article or blog posts to make it visible in the top 10 results in SERPs. Nowadays, Google is not showing results based on the keywords, but it shows the results by considering the intent of the search. Search intent is of 3 types, which include Navigation (Intent to reach a particular website), Information (Intent to get information on one or more web pages), and Transaction (Intent to perform some web-mediated activity, like making a purchase).

As one of the best SEO and Digital marketing agency in Noida, we create content for users, and we do research and deliver sufficient information that the users are looking for on search engines. It is because when a user searches something on Google, for example, “how to rank the website on Google’, he/she wants to know which method is best, what is needed to be done, and what are the things involved in the process and so on. Finding relevant keywords that satisfy the user’s search intent is ambiguous.

With the help of the right keyword finding tools, you can refine your keyword strategy. If you are a business owner, one thing to remember that a website’s performance plays a crucial role in building the visitor’s trust. Website optimization is essential, and you can hire a search engine optimization company in Noida for this.

Video Content Optimization

Video content is one of the most important and best ways to market your product or services online, and it will exceed all other content forms, with consumption exceeding 83%. We, as an SEO firm in India, practice video marketing as Video SEO will become one of the most important SEO trends in 2021

Here are some of the fundamental aspects of the videos you can optimize:

  • Channel Name – We, as the best SEO company in Noida, recommend business marketers to get 500 subscribers as soon as possible. By this, you can get a vanity URL, which is essential when it comes to SEO.
  • Use Channel Keywords – While creating and uploading a video on YouTube, use YouTube optimized keywords which are mostly searched by the users on the platform, so that the channel gets visible on Google.
  • Channel Description – YouTube description area is critical, and many business marketers often overlook this. The user who is watching your video wants to know more about you, and Google digs that.

Video content seems more engaging to the users as it contains visual images, infographics, stats, and more. Most people prefer to watch a video regarding a product or service, rather than reading long-form text content. As the best SEO and Digital marketing agency in Noida, we recommend you to include video marketing in your marketing strategy, as video SEO is a useful video optimization strategy that every business should practice.

Voice Search Optimization will lead in 2021

After looking at the below voice search statistics, you will understand the importance of voice search:

  • Voice-based shopping is set to reach $50 billion in 2023.
  • More than 50% of teenagers are using voice search daily.
  • Around 20% of voice search queries include how, what, best, top, when, good, make, does, free, homes, who, why, and many more.

Voice search has grown over the years, and we, as the leading Search Engine optimization company in India, will keep an eye on it in 2021. With the help of a voice search, anyone can have access to the internet. Voice search plays a crucial role for those users who are blind. We will recommend you to optimize your website for voice search as it will be easy for the users to find information which they are searching. When a user performs the voice search, the most common terms they use are ‘when,’ ‘where,’ ‘how,’ and more.

The businesses that are focusing on some specific keywords will now have to use long-tail keywords too. For example, if you are focusing on keywords like ‘SEO firm in India,’ now you will have to optimize your website for long-tail keywords like ‘which is the best SEO firm in India.’

Social media will boost organic SEO

The SEO trends in 2021 will focus on creating useful content for the users, and we, as a leading SEO company in Noida, will keep an eye on it. It will have a massive impact on Search Engine optimization as they both work together. You should remember that while creating content, you should create content for the users and not for search engines. Posting a long-form content that doesn’t provide value to the readers is useless.

Social media will play a crucial role in SEO in 2021. Not in terms of more content being indexed and Google’s ranking, but also in a form where users can use these social media platforms like search engines. For example, Facebook is the most popular social media platform where people spend hours of their day, and YouTube is the best and popular video platforms that allows users to search and learn about anything and everything today. On the other hand, Facebook Watch Portal, which most of the users are already using.

Optimizing CTR for Google Rankbrain

To improve website traffic and conversions, you need to optimize your website according to Google’s search engine Algorithms. Your website’s CTR or Click-Through-Rate is one of the factors deciding whether your content is suitable for the users. When a user does not click on your website after being displayed on the SERPs, Google thinks that your website is not ideal for that keyword.

Google loves those websites, which get the highest clicks for a particular keyword. For example, a website ranks on the 6th position, and it is said that results that rank 5th- 8th get almost 4 percent of all CTRs. If the site receives more CTR, Google will consider that website a great for the keyword and move its rankings up. As an SEO and Digital marketing agency in Noida, we recommend you write a compelling title to grab the users’ attention. If a user clicks on your website for a specific keyword, it simply means that your website title is relevant.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

One of the most important factors to rank your website is to make it mobile-friendly, as more than 80% of users visit a website through mobile devices. It is necessary to create consistent content across all platforms, such as mobile and desktop. You need to understand that Google crawls both desktop and mobile versions. When Google recommends mobile-first indexing, it doesn’t mean that it won’t crawl the desktop version.

It is suitable for your strategy when you choose to create a responsive design for your website. As the best search engine optimization company in India, you should optimize your website in such a way that your users won’t face any difficulties on their device. If you don’t do so, the user will move on to the other website, and hence, it will increase your website’s bounce rate. Check the following points if you are going for a separate mobile site:

Content – While creating content, keep in mind that it should of high-quality and provides some value to the readers. It may include texts, videos, and images.

Structured Data – When it comes to structured data, you should include the same markup on both mobile and desktop versions. Make sure you put the mobile versions of the URL in the URLs mentioned within the structured data.

Metadata - You need to check that title and meta descriptions are of the same character length on both mobile and desktop versions.

XML and Media Sitemaps – Make sure that links to sitemaps are easily accessible from the mobile version. It includes Robots.txt and privacy policy page. You can also check the mobile-friendly test tool from Google to see how your website is performing. Just enter the website URL, and the tool will show if your website is mobile-friendly or not.

Long-form Content to Produce High Search Rankings

You need to understand what Google’s search engine and the users love. Google never decides the page rank by its words. Long-form content tends to have a higher possibility of earning high-quality backlinks. Google says that users enjoy short content with relevant information. Most of the time, many writers write short-form content with zero experience. But that content will not withstand the competition over-time and will drop its ranking.

Creating long-form content is still the best strategy, and it will remain on the top SEO trend in 2021. We, as the best SEO firm in India, recommend you to produce long-form content to provide value to your readers, and by doing this, there is a high chance that the reader will come back on your website.


And, here we come to an end. As the new tools and technologies are introduced in the industry, we will experience some incredible SEO updates and trends that will rule in 2021 and beyond.

Try to implement all the points mentioned above in your SEO strategy, and you will get the desired results. In 2021, Voice Search and Content Production will be at its peak in the form of videos and written content. It will be an exciting year not for Search Engine Optimisation, but the entire Digital Marketing Industry when new updates are announced.

Thanks for reading!